The Chair's $1 Million Challenge is Under Way -- Follow the progress here!

The LWC Board of Trustees and Chair Allan Parnell promises $1,000,000 to LWC if 3,000 donors give to the college, Sept. 11-12.

ALL IN FOR LWC is under way! Any gift, of any amount, will help LWC reach its goal.  

Follow the progress of the $1,000,000 Challenge here or click here to make your donation

Lindsey Wilson College Board of Trustees and chair, Adair County native Allan Parnell will donate $1 million toward LWC student scholarship aid if 3,000 donors make gifts during the 48-hour period between September 11-12. This marks the fifth year in which Parnell has issued a 48-hour challenge.

LWC alumni, students, faculty, staff and friends have successfully met Parnell's challenge in each of the four previous years. Last year Parnell's pledge of $200,000 for 2,500 donors was met when the college received gifts from 2,767 donors. In total, including Parnell's gift, the college raised $477,000 during the 2017 campaign.

Encouraged by the generosity of the LWC community, Parnell and the LWC Board of Trustees has issued its most ambitious Chair’s Challenge -- 3,000 donors for $1 million donated to LWC scholarship aid.

"I'm excited to be part of the Lindsey Wilson Chair’s Challenge for a fifth year," said Parnell. "With help from other members of the Lindsey Wilson board, we were able to raise the bar and help more students. I have no doubt we will see 3,000 donors make gifts because the LWC community is so generous."

LWC President William T. Luckey Jr., is confident the challenge will be met.

"I know and love the people and friends of Lindsey Wilson College and I believe we can do it," said Luckey. "I've always been told if you reach for the stars you may not end up with a star, but you also won't end up with a handful of dirt. So I'm asking anyone connected with Lindsey Wilson College to reach for the stars to help meet Mr. P's challenge to make a difference in the lives of our students."

To make a gift of any amount to the All In for LWC Chair's Challenge during September 11-12, you can give online by clicking going to You can also call the college's development office at 270-384-8400. Gifts can be restricted to a specific program or can be unrestricted to the general fund.