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Online Classes Starting June 30
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Online Classes Starting June 30

Online Classes
(All are 3 credit hour courses)
Courses Offered from June 30 - August 15, 2014

ART  2733  WEB  Art History I           

Surveys visual art forms and architecture of the ancient cultures through the Gothic period.

BUSI  2713 WEB  Business Law I 

The legal environment of business. Introduces the private and public aspects of business law. Topics include law and the judicial system, contracts, regulation and consumer protection, and commercial paper.

BUSI  3533  WEB  Principles Of Finance 

Studies the basic principles, concepts, and analytical tools in finance. Areas examined include budgeting, present value concepts, sources, and uses of funds. Prerequisites: ACCT 2123 and BUSI 2903.

CRJS  3573  WEB Rural Crime

Examines critical issues related to criminal offending, criminal victimization and the administration of criminal justice in rural communities. Specific attention will be devoted to examining the social context of domestic violence, youth violence, substance abuse, drug trafficking, policing and crime prevention in rural communities. Prerequisites: CRJS 1003.

ENGL  2103  WEB  Literary Interpretation

Introduces students to the fundamental terminology and methodology for understanding and interpreting the literary genres of fiction, drama, and poetry. This course emphasizes intellectual development, critical analysis, cultural literacy, and, when applicable, global awareness. Topics, subject matter, and approaches may vary depending upon the instructor.Prerequisite: ENGL 1013.

HIST   2243 WEB  World Civilization II

The development of civilization throughout the world from the beginning of the sixteenth century to the present. The evolution of cultures and the progress of major social, economic, political, and intellectual trends are studied as a means of understanding the modern world.

NUTR 2103   WEB Nutrition

Focuses on nutrition through the life cycle with emphasis on nutrients and their use in the human body.  Examines factors that influence nutrition including culure, lifestyle, religion, economics, health and food availability.

POSC  1003  WEB   U.S. Government

Introductory survey of the American political system

SCI  1013  WEB  Topics In Science

Studies current topics in natural science, emphasizes the scientific process, including scientific method, introductory content relative to the topic of the course, and a focus on a topical issue as designated by the instructor.

SOCI  1003  WE2 Principles Of Sociology

Introduction to the structure of social life, culture, types of group interaction, social institutions, stratification, power structure and analysis of the process of social and cultural change.


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