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4XX1 - Honors Seminar (1 SH)
A seminar which will focus on current topics of interest to Honors students in an atmosphere of intellectual exchange and more active student involvement in the learning process. A theme will be determined each semester for the seminar. The seminar may involve speakers, projects and service learning opportunities.  Grading will be pass/fail. Prerequisite: Admission to the Honors Program.  Course Rotation: Fall, Spring. Each level may be taken a maximum of 2 times for credit.

Each Honors Course involves the completion of an Honors Project. The requirements for receiving an Honors designation (H on transcript) in a course are not fulfilled unless the completed project is approved by the supervising professor and the student makes an acceptable presentation of  his or her Honors Project at the designated venue (Honors Seminar or Honors Day.) If the student makes an approved, acceptable Honors presentation, the course will be tagged with an H on the student's transcript to denote completion of the Honors requirement for the class. Course Rotation: Honors course selection will vary each semester and will be identified on the course schedule.

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