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Advanced Placement and Credit by Examination
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Advanced Placement and Credit by Examination

Advanced Placement and Credit by Examination

Students, who have completed College Board Advance Placement courses (AP) and earned scores of 3 or higher, will receive credit in the appropriate discipline. Because the AP proficiency examination follows the completion of a college-level course taken while the student is in high school, details may be obtained from the high school counselor. The AP score should be sent to the Admissions Office at the time of application or as soon as possible thereafter.

Placement in Writing Studies is determined through the students score on the English section of the ACT (American College Test) or through a writing sample administered to new students. An ACT English sub-score of 25 or above waives the ENGL 1013 requirement, allowing the student an additional three hours of elective credit.

Placement in mathematics courses is determined through the student's score on the mathematics section of the ACT. An ACT mathematics sub-score of 26 or above waives the mathematics general education requirement allowing the student an additional three hours of elective credit.CLEP Examinations

Clep Examinations

A maximum of 16 credit hours may be awarded on the basis of College Level Examination Program (CLEP) examinations for associate degree programs, and a maximum of 32 hours of CLEP credit may be applied to baccalaureate degree programs. Lindsey Wilson is an open CLEP testing center, which means CLEP tests may be taken on campus and results may be submitted to other institutions as well. A score of 500 or 50, depending on how the scores are reported, is required for passing, with the exception of the general examination for English composition, for which the minimum score is 610. To count for Lindsey Wilson College coursework, CLEP credit must be pre-approved by the Registrar's Office.

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