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The mission of the Biology Program is to provide students with the resources to develop a broad knowledge base in biology and the skills necessary to be successful in attaining their chosen career goals such for entry into pre-professional health care fields such as medicine, dentistry, or pharmacy or entry into biology graduate programs or entry-level positions in field biology.  In addition to the factual content, students learn the historical basis, and the scientific methodology of each major conceptual areas of biology.

The Bachelor of Arts degree in Biology is a comprehensive program with curricular structures comprised of a Ricky Farmer02 Febuary 2007.JPGfixed core of courses for disciplinary depth and program elective courses for latitude within the program. The course work and experiences are designed to prepare students to: (1) enter the workforce in a biology-related position; (2) enter graduate programs in a biological science such as molecular, ecological, and environmental research; (3) enter professional programs in dentistry, medicine, pharmacy or veterinary medicine; or (4) teach secondary biology content (assuming students jointly enter the Secondary Education program).

Program Distinctions

The Biology program offers one-on-one mentoring opportunities with faculty through undergraduate research projects.  Our students have been able to present their findings at regional conferences.  Close faculty contact and a rigorous curriculum combine to give students a well-balanced education.

"I learned how to be a dentist in dental school, but I learned how to be a professional at Lindsey Wilson."  Dr. Ricky L. Farmer.

Why choose Biology?

Biology is a dynamic science that offers insights into the living world around us and provides a challenging curriculum that leads to new discoveries.  Many of today's headlines from genetically engineered food to management of rain forests relate to the biological sciences. The Biology program offers courses that give both majors and non-majors the tools they will need to make informed decisions as leaders in tomorrow's society.


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