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The mission of the psychophysiology program is to provide the scientific knowledge and skills needed for admission to medical, dental,veterinary, pharmacy or psychology graduate schools.



Psychophysiology is one of LWC's newest and fastest-growing majors. Approved by the faculty in spring 2010, this program is popular among scientifically oriented students interested in admission into medical school (including dental and veterinary schools), pharmacy school or physical therapy school.

Program Distinctions

The psychophysiology major meets students' needs in six ways:

(1) Psychophysiology prepares students for graduate or professional admissions tests, including the MCAT, DCAT, PCAT or GRE. 

(2) Psychophysiology is a very academically rigorous major, leading to the preferred bachelor of science degree.

(3) It is a very flexible major with three concentrations should your career plans change. 

(4) Psychophysiology can be completed in four years if you enter LWC as a reasonably strong student in math and science.

(5) Psychophysiology gives students a minimum of 40 elective hours, allowing them to complete a minor, a second major, or to take classes required or recommended by a specific graduate school.

(6) Psychophysiology allows students to postpone some classes required in the major if they are seeking early acceptance into a graduate program.

Why choose Psychophysiology?

Psychophysiology is a wonderfully interesting area of study. Mind-body interaction, especially the mind's ability to positively change the body, is one of the most exciting and important areas of scientific study.  It has been said that the 20th century was about the scientific study of human behavior but the 21st century will be about the scientific study of the mind.

For more information, contact: Dr. Steven C. Scott
Professor of Psychology
Psychophysiology Program Coordinator
Hypnosis Research Program Coordinator

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