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Answers to Common Questions

  1. How do I access mail from other email accounts in Gmail?
  2. How do I send mail from other email accounts using Gmail?
  3. How do I access my Gmail account using IMAP?
  4. How do I access my Gmail account using POP?
  5. How can I organize my messages in Gmail?
  6. How do I manage contacts in Gmail?
  7. What happens to mail that I archive?
  8. What are threads?

Other Common Questions

1. What are the benefits of using the Google Apps?

There are many reasons to use Google Apps. A few reasons include:

  • Google Apps accounts do not expire at graduation
  • Google Apps inboxes store at least 7.5 gigabytes of email
  • Unlike Hotmail, Yahoo, or normal Gmail, Google Apps has no advertising
  • Google Apps accounts can access your other email accounts AND send from these accounts as well
  • Google Apps gives you access to integrated chat, calendar, document, and website tools

2. How can I change my password?

Currently the only way to change a password is to contact the site administrator and have the administrator make the change for you.

3. Does my account expire at graduation?

No, accounts are available for as long as Lindsey Wilson College uses Google Apps. Graduates are encouraged to continue using the service after graduation.

4. What services does Google Apps provide?

Google Apps provides a start page, Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Documents and Google Sites. Other services, such as Google Maps, Google Groups, Picasa, etc.... are separate tools that are not part of this package.

5. I cannot log into my Gmail account?

It is possible you are at the wrong site! The login portal for SPC Gmail is, not

6. Is Gmail secure?

Yes, SPC Gmail, document, and calendar services all automatically use SSL services to secure electronic communications.

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