CRN# Dept Crse Sec Hrs Course Name Day Start End
August 20 - October 12
10146 COMM 2103 N01 3 Public Speaking M 05:30pm  09:30
    Enrollment: 19 Location: TURNER 105 Inst: Daniel Koger
  A study of public speaking, focused primarily on the construction of speeches. Includes introductions to audience analysis, persuasion, and delivery techniques. An additional focus is on developing appropriate listening behaviors. Strong emphasis on attendance: ENGL 1013 recommended. Spring/Fall - GE CORE - EFFECTIVE COMMUNICATION - ORAL
10164 COMM 3203 N03 3 Nonverbal Communication M 05:30pm  09:30
    Enrollment: 7 Location: TURNER 211 Inst: Susan Minton
  An intergral study relating to body language, facial expressions, vocal variations, proxemics, personal appearance, and artifacts. COMM 1003 recommended, Fall.
October 22 - December 14
10167 COMM 3403 N02 3 Family Communication M 05:30pm  09:30
  Enrollment: 25 Location: TURNER 211 Inst: Jerry Thomas
  An introduction to communication phenomena in the family setting. Designed to help students understand how, through communication, family relationships are developed, maintained, enhanced, or disturbed. Students will learn verbal and nonverbal skills that help promote healthy family communication. Fall. GE - MASTERY - ENGAGED LOCAL & GLOBAL CITIZENSHIP.
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