CRN# Dept Crse Sec Hrs Course Name Day Start End
August 20 - December 14
10073 CRJS 1003 M01 3 Intro To Criminal Justice MWF 11:30am  12:20
    Enrollment: 44 Location: TURNER 215 Inst: Michael Giordano
  Surveys the American justice system, including legal and constitutional dimensions, the juvenile justice system, probation and parole, and elements of law enforcement. Note: It is highly recommended that students first complete or test out of the reading sequence before taking this course. It is alwo recommended that students complete ENGL 1013 before taking this course.
10127 CRJS 2103 M01 3 Criminology MWF 01:30pm  02:20
  Enrollment: 33 Location: GOODHU 315 Inst: Ji Seun Sohn
  Focuses on theoretical and pragmatic factors involved in illegal behavior. Prerequistes: CRJS 1003 and ENGL 1023.
10074 CRJS 2203 M01 3 U. S. Constitutional Law MWF 09:30am  10:20
    Enrollment: 25 Location: GOODHU 205 Inst: Michael Giordano
  The study of the development of foundational constitutional principles, the U.S. Constitution and amendments, the workings of the U.S. Supreme Court, and the landmark decisions of the U.S. Supreme Court. Prerequisites: CRJS 1003 or POSC 1003.
10136 CRJS 3123 M01 3 Police & Society MWF 12:30pm  01:20
    Enrollment: 22 Location: GOODHU 315 Inst: Ji Seun Sohn
  Law enforcement in the U.S. as it relates to society. Topics include changing mores, the nature and evolution of the facily and other social institutions, ethnic and racial elements, and social stratification. Prerequistie: CRJS 1003
10137 CRJS 3203 M01 3 Corrections TR 08:00am  09:15
    Enrollment: 11 Location: EVERET 200 Inst: Ji Seun Sohn
  Study of the American penal system with attention to objectives, administration, historical evolution, and comparative status among developed countries. Prerequisites: CRJS 1003.
10075 CRJS 3303 M01 3 Criminal Courts TR 09:30am  10:45
  Enrollment: 27 Location: DURHAM 1 Inst: Michael Giordano
  Examines personnel, administration, legal issues, and delivery of legal services in the American criminal court system in the context of local, state and federal systems. Prerequisites: CRJS 1003.
10138 CRJS 3403 M01 3 Probation And Parole TR 03:30pm  04:45
    Enrollment: 6 Location: DURHAM 1 Inst: Cathy Vannatten
  Administration and management of county, state and federal community based correction systems, including developing innovative systems of accounting and tracking those committed to the correctional system. Prerequisites: CRJS 1003, CRJS 2103, and CRJS 3203.
10135 CRJS 3573 M01 3 Rural Crime MWF 10:30am  11:20
    Enrollment: 34 Location: GOODHU 300 Inst: Daniel Phillips
  Examines critical issues related to criminal offending, criminal victimization and the administration of criminal justice in rural communities. Specific attention will be devoted to examining the social context of domestic violence, youth violence, substance abuse, drug trafficking, policing and crime prevention in rural communities. Prerequisites: CRJS 1003.
10128 CRJS 3613 M01 3 Statistics In Criminal Justice TR 12:30pm  01:45
    Enrollment: 17 Location: DURHAM 1 Inst: Daniel Phillips
  Analytical and statistical concepts and procedures relevant to crime and criminal justice, including both quantitative and qualitative techniques. General Education math requirement and CRJS 1003.
10077 CRJS 3903 M01 3 Criminal Procedure TR 02:00pm  03:15
    Enrollment: 16 Location: DURHAM 1 Inst: Michael Giordano
  Focus upon the procedural law at the federal, state, and local levels, including a comprehensive look at the meaning of the legal concept of "due process". Prerequisites: CRJS 1003 and CRJS 3213.
10139 CRJS 4173 M01 3 Homeland Security MW 03:30pm  04:45
    Enrollment: 19 Location: EVERET 200 Inst: Charles Hedgespeth
  Focuses on the entities and institutions necessary for the protection of the United States. Course instructional material will examine the components of Federal, State and Local Police Agencies, as well as the role of Private Security and Emergency Responders needed to facilitate the implementation of the Homeland Security Act. Prerequisites: CRJS 1003.
10076 CRJS 4273 M01 3 Evidence TR 11:00am  12:15
    Enrollment: 16 Location: DURHAM 1 Inst: Michael Giordano
  Examines forms of evidence, preservation of evidence, chain of custody, witnesses, proof, privileges, hearsay, and circumstantial evidence. Solid preparation for law enforcement candidates and a plus for the student focused on the law of courts aspect of criminal justice today. Prerequisites: CRJS 1003 and CRJS 3213.
October 22 - December 14
10878 CRJS 3623 WEB 3 Research Meth In Crim Justice N/A N/A  N/A
    Enrollment: 10 Location: WEB WEB CLASS Inst: Daniel Phillips
  Overview of the research process, with emphasis on research design, data collection, and analysis and interpretation of data and statistics. Use of both quantitative and qualitative research methods appropriate to the study of criminal justice. Prerequisite: General Education math requirement, CRJS 1003 and CRJS 3613. GE INTERMEDIATE - INQUIRY & ANALYSIS.
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