CRN# Dept Crse Sec Hrs Course Name Day Start End
August 24 - October 5
10688 HS 4013 R01 3 Gender Studies
F 04:00pm  09:00
S 09:00am  04:00
    Enrollment: 18 Location: BSCTC P-BURG Inst: Emilie Schnopp-Wyatt
  Designed as an introduction to gender relationships and communication in contemporary American society, this course provides an exploration of communication in families and in society. Additionally, the course defines the function of interpersonal communication in the creation and perpetuation of gender roles. The influence of gender enactment on success, satisfaction, self-esteem, and the counseling profession is also explored. Self-awareness exercises, which stress the application of theory and research, provide the opportunity for personal growth and development.
August 24 - December 1
10691 HS 4953 R01 3 Human Services Practicum III F 03:00pm  03:50
    Enrollment: 8 Location: BSCTC P-BURG Inst: Micca Ratliff
  Expectations for Practicum III, beyond the 120 clock-hour field experience includes: review for the Human Services Comprehensive Exam, a Mock Employment Interview, a Personal Evaluation and Growth Project Exit portion included in the Career Portfolio. Practicum III Portfolio and Career Portfolio are separate projects to be represented in two portfolios. Prerequisite: Engaged in last year of coursework and permission by practicum instructor. GE MASTERY - EFFECTIVE COMMUNICATION - INQUIRY & ANALYSIS - APPLICATION/INTEGRATION OF KNOWLEDGE
August 31 - October 6
10689 HS 4253 R01 3 Ethics & Multicultural Divers
F 04:00pm  09:00
S 09:00am  04:00
    Enrollment: 18 Location: BSCTC P-BURG Inst: Aaron Frye
  Examines ethical, professional, and multi-cultural issues/ dilemmas within the discipline. Particular emphasis is given to codes of ethics and the parameters of acceptable professional conduct. Human diversity is also a major focus. Recommended: HS 2103. GE MASTERY - EFFECTIVE COMMUNICATION - ENGAGED LOCAL & GLOBAL CITIZENSHIP.
October 12 - November 30
10687 HS 2103 R01 3 Intro To Human Services
F 04:00pm  09:00
S 09:00am  04:00
    Enrollment: 9 Location: BSCTC P-BURG Inst: Nathan Rose
  Provides an introduction into the helping professions and the roles of human services workers in modern society. In addition, materials overview human service workplace and familiarize students with a variety of helping disciplines. This course is designed as a foundation for fundamental professional and personal exploration and growth. Recommended: PSYC 1003. GE INTERMEDIATE - EFFECTIVE COMMUNICATION - INQUIRY & ANALYSIS
October 19 - December 1
10690 HS 4893 R01 3 Mental Health Administration
F 04:00pm  09:00
S 09:00am  04:00
    Enrollment: 18 Location: BSCTC P-BURG Inst: Mark Hovee
  This course is designed as an introduction to knowledge, theory, and skills relating to planning, evaluating, and managing programs. The course will also address the influence of social, political and community structure on advocacy and social change. Recommended: HS 2103.