CRN# Dept Crse Sec Hrs Course Name Day Start End
August 20 - December 14
10060 POSC 1003 M01 3 U.S. Government MW 03:30pm  04:45
    Enrollment: 19 Location: GOODHU 300 Inst: Stefan Brooks
  Introductory survey of the American political system, including study of the philosophical bases of American government, the three branches of the federal government, federal/state relations, civil rights, political parties, campaigns, the role of the media, and lobby groups. Course rotation: All semesters. GE CORE - INQUIRY & ANALYSIS - BEHAVIORAL SCIENCE/SOCIAL SCIENCE
10061 POSC 1003 M02 3 U.S. Government TR 12:30pm  01:45
    Enrollment: 21 Location: GOODHU 300 Inst: Stefan Brooks
10062 POSC 3203 M01 3 Classical Political Thought TR 02:00pm  03:15
    Enrollment: 6 Location: GOODHU 306 Inst: Stefan Brooks
  Selected political theorists from classical antiquity, the medieval period, and the renaissance are used to examine a series of major questions (e.g., human nature, power, authority, justice, and liberty) which are central to political theory and political science. In addition, students are introduced to the origins of our Western political thought and culture. This course is discussion oriented and designed to develop the student's critical reading and thinking abilities. Prerequisite: POSC 1003.
10063 POSC 4103 M01 3 American Political Thought TR 03:30pm  04:45
    Enrollment: 11 Location: GOODHU 306 Inst: Stefan Brooks
  Selected political thinkers from the history of American Political thought are used to explore the core values and beliefs that define the American political system and culture. Prerequisite: POSC 1003 and 2103. Course rotation: fall, odd years. GE MASTERY - EFFECTIVE COMMUNICATION - INQUIRY & ANALYSIS