CRN# Dept Crse Sec Hrs Course Name Day Start End
August 19 - December 13
10328 ACCT 2113 M01 3 Financial Accounting TR 09:30am  10:45
  Enrollment: 36 Location: TURNER 105 Inst: Lisa Crowe
  Introduction to the concepts and principles involved in the preparation of financial statements. Topics covered include: the accounting cycle, the balance sheet, income statement, assets, liabilities, and stockholder equity. The emphasis is on external reporting requirements. Prerequisite: MATH 1013 or 1113. GE CORE - APPLICATION & INTEGRATION OF KNOWLEDGE - ADDITIONAL COURSEWORK.
10330 ACCT 3113 M01 3 Intermediate Accounting I TR 11:00am  12:15
    Enrollment: 9 Location: TURNER 105 Inst: Lisa Crowe
  Introduction to intermediate concepts and principles involved in the preparation of GAAP-based financial statements. Topics covered include: cash, temporary investments, current assets, inventory, plant assets, and investments. Prerequisite: ACCT 2123 with a minimum grade of C+ or permission of the instructor.
10335 ACCT 3303 M01 3 Cost Accounting TR 02:00pm  03:15
    Enrollment: 10 Location: TURNER 105 Inst: Lisa Crowe
  Examines topics related to the internal reporting of financial information to management. Topics covered include: costing systems, budgeting, variance analysis, variable costing, absorption costing, joint costs, cost allocation, and cost-volume-profit analysis. Prerequisite: ACCT 2123.
10313 ACCT 3453 M01 3 Taxation I MWF 09:30am  10:20
    Enrollment: 7 Location: TURNER 107 Inst: Clara Garvey
  Focuses on the federal income taxation of the individual taxpayer. Emphasis is on income tax compliance with discussions of income tax planning for investment activities, property transactions, and ordinary income. Prerequisite: ACCT 2123.
10319 ACCT 3973 M01 3 Accounting Information Systems MWF 11:30am  12:20
    Enrollment: 6 Location: TURNER 108 Inst: Clara Garvey
  Provides students with a variety of technology and business analysis concepts and skills. Topics include data modeling, transaction processing systems, internal controls, enterprise systems, systems development, information security and computer fraud. Includes hands-on experience in both manual and computerized accounting systems. Prerequisites or Concurrent: CIS 1003, ACCT 3113 and ACCT 3303.
10323 ACCT 4553 M01 3 Advanced Accounting MWF 01:30pm  02:20
    Enrollment: 11 Location: TURNER 105 Inst: Clara Garvey
  Examination of advanced accounting concepts, such as mergers and consolidations, foreign currency transactions and other international accounting issues, partnerships, estates and trusts. Prerequisites: ACCT 3123.
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