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August 19 - December 13
10273 MATH 2203 WEB 3 Introduction To Statistics
T 05:30pm  08:00
N/A N/A  N/A
  Enrollment: 31 Location: FUGITT 118 Inst: Rickie Williams
  Content includes: descriptive statistics for one and two variables; elementary probability theory; random variables; discrete probability distributions; and continuous probability distributions with emphasis on the normal distribution. Prerequisite: Successful completion of General Education Mathematics requirement or instructor's permission. Course Rotation: All semesters.
August 19 - October 11
10272 MATH 1003 N01 3 Data Models T 05:30pm  09:30
    Enrollment: 13 Location: FUGITT 119 Inst: Rodney Schwartz
  Introduces the nature and utility of contemporary mathematics. Topics include: numeration contexts, problem solving, modeling with technology. Cartesian coordinate systems, time series data, and modeling with straight lines; additional topics may include, but are not limited to: functions, direct porportionality, discrete dynamical systems, probability and statistics, and logic. NOTE: This course is a prerequisite for MATH 1013. Prerequisite: Placement. Course Rotation: All semesters. GE CORE: INQUIRY & ANALYSIS/MATHEMATICS
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