CRN# Dept Crse Sec Hrs Course Name Day Start End
August 19 - December 13
10089 WS 1003 M01 3 Intro To Women'S Studies MWF 12:30pm  01:20
    Enrollment: 22 Location: TURNER 215 Inst: Molly Ferguson
  An introduction to the subject matter and methods of the discipline of Womens' Studies, especially the practice of placing women's experience at teh center of feminist critical inquiry. Introduces the idea of gender as a cultural phenomenon involving difference as well as power and privilage and explores issues at the center of women's experiences, including work, education, sexuality, family, and violence. Particular attention is paid to the multiplicity of women's identities and the interconnectedness of gender, race, ethnicity, religion, class, and sexuality. Course rotation: Fall. General Education: Core--Application & Integration of Knowledge
10090 WS 3803 M01 3 Special Topics MWF 10:30am  11:20
    Enrollment: 8 Location: SLIDER 300 Inst: Kara Mollis
  Special Topics - This course covers examines the depth and diversity fo Women's Studies that may fall outside the range of listed courses. Special Topics will be offered on an irregular basis, and topics will vary according to instructor. Prerequisite WS 1003.