(No Classes December 24 thru January 1)
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CRN# Dept Crse Sec Hrs Course Name Day Start End
December 16 - January 10
20002 HS 3503 M01 3 Human Services Practicum I M 04:00pm  05:15
    Enrollment: 0 Location: GOODIN 205 Inst: Hannah Coyt
  Practicum I requires 120 clock-hours of observation designed to offer opportunities for shadowing and observation in human services environments. Prerequisite: Enrolled in the Human Services and Counseling Program of Study.
20003 HS 4943 M01 3 Human Services Practicum II M 04:00pm  05:15
    Enrollment: 2 Location: GOODIN 201 Inst: Hannah Coyt
  Practicum II is a 120 clock-hour experience designed to offer Human Service students the opportunity to apply acquired knowledge from human service's course work while practicing skills in a helping profession environment designed to enhance personal career goals. Practicum II expectations include a political advocacy project at a community, state or national level. Finally, a grant writing project is required including cover letter, a needs assessment, mission statement, project research, annual budget expenses and evaluation procedures. Prerequisite: Engaged in last year of coursework and permission by practicum instructor. GE INTERMEDIATE - INQUIRY & ANALYSIS - APPLIATION/INTEGRATION OF KNOWLEDGE