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January 13 - May 9
30108 HUMN 2503 M01 3 Culture And Values TR 11:00am  12:15
  Enrollment: 27 Location: SLIDER 300 Inst: Tip Shanklin
  This course offers a theme centered, interdisciplinary approach to understanding the nature of humankind and the perennial questions that are the foundations and ongoing expressions of culture. Human value choices are examined through artistic, intellectual, literary, and philosophical texts and images, based on the premise that by studying and reflecting on creative and intellectual expressions of humankind, and seeing their interrelated connections and how those vary between communities and are shaped by specific cultural ideologies and institutions, students will learn to think in more creative and critical ways, gain new knowlecge, and have a clearer sense of what it means to be human. Prerequisite: ENGL 1013. Course rotation: Spring. GE CORE - ENGAGED L0CAL & GLOBAL CITIZENSHIP - ADDITIONAL COURSEWORK
30109 HUMN 3503 M01 3 Enduring Questions TR 02:00pm  03:15
    Enrollment: 14 Location: LIB LCONF Inst: Tip Shanklin
  In a seminar setting, this interdisciplinary and question- driven course encourages students to engage with enduring ethical concerns addressed by the Humanities. Through close critical reading and active participatory discussion, students will acquire an increased awareness and deeper understanding of the various approaches to and theories about ethical reasoning; the origins and efficacy of their own core beliefs, assumptions, and worldviews; the connections between current ethical issues and those of other times, places, and cultures; and the correlations between literary, artistic, philosophical, and historical works. This course emphasizes intellectual development, ethical reasoning, cultural literacy, and, when applicable, global awareness. Topics, subject matter, and approaches will vary depending ont he instructor. This course may be repeated once for credit. Prerequisites: Sophomore standing and HUMN 2503 or ENGL 2103 or ENGL 2203. Course Rotation: Spring. GE INTERMEDIATE - ENGAGED LOCAL & GLOBAL CITIZENSHIP
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