CRN# Dept Crse Sec Hrs Course Name Day Start End
May 16 - August 16
40265 CHD 5053 WEB 3 Career Education Counseling N/A N/A  N/A
    Enrollment: 3 Location: WEB WEB CLASS Inst: Mona Gallo
  Promotes an understanding of the world of work and theories of career development including ability, interest, values, personality factors, and choice of occupation. Also discussed are occupational/vocational trends, interrelationships between work, family, and other life roles, assessment instruments and techniques relevant to instruction in the area of career guidance, as well as, various career counseling resources available to the counselor.
40266 CHD 6033 WEB 3 Eval Of Ment & Emot Status N/A N/A  N/A
    Enrollment: 5 Location: WEB WEB CLASS Inst: Jacquelyn Gilles
  A continuation of individual and group approaches to assessment and evaluation in counseling. A range of assessment methods is presented and their applicability to various diverse cultures is discussed. A particular focus is on the administration, scoring and interpretation of a variety of instruments used frequently by counselors as well as assessment report writing. High-risk assessment, involuntary commitment evaluation, and referral are also addressed.