English Secondary Education, 8-12

BA - Program Requirements

Curtis Lee, Ph.D., Dean, School of Professional Studies

Sumner Campus Ministry Center

(270) 384-7322                 leec@lindsey.edu


Jennifer Antoniotti-Neal, Ed.D., Director of Education

Goodhue Academic Center, Room 102

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Brennon Sapp, Ed.D., Secondary Education Program Coordinator

Goodhue Academic Center, Room 104

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Allison Egnew Smith, Ph.D., Dean, School of Arts & Humanities

W.W. Slider Humanities Center, Room 305

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Karolyn Steffens, Ph.D., English Program Coordinator

W.W. Slider Humanities Center, Room 303

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Full-time education program faculty: Jennifer Antoniotti-Neal, Ed.D.; Cindy L. Clark, Ph.D.; Eric T. Moore, Ph.D.; Brennon Sapp, Ed.D.

Full-time English program faculty: Mary Baker, M.A.; Rachel Carr, Ph.D.; Danielle Cofer, Ph.D.; Caleb Dempsey-Richrdson, M.A.; Kerry E. Robertson, Ph.D.; Allison Egnew Smith, Ph.D.; Karolyn Steffens, Ph.D.

Education Unit Mission Statement
The mission of the education program is to prepare candidates in a Christian learning environment with the knowledge, skills, and dispositions required to be successful, reflective teacher-leaders in the 21st century.

The secondary education program offers several challenging and rewarding Bachelor of Arts degree programs and one Bachelor of Science degree program that lead to the granting of the Kentucky Provisional Certificate through the Kentucky Education Professional Standards Board.

  • Biology Education 8-12 (BS degree)
  • Secondary Education 8-12 program with majors in English, mathematics, or social science (BA degrees)

In addition, there are two P-12 Bachelor of Arts degree programs which can also lead to secondary teaching positions:  Art education P-12 and physical education & health P-12.

Candidates are assigned a content area advisor and work with an education advisor as they progress through their specific content requirements and through the sequential professional education requirements to earn a Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science degree.

English Program Mission Statement

Literature and Writing Studies: The English faculty is committed to a program that stresses excellence in the study of language, literature, and writing. The program curriculum emphasizes intellectual development, critical analysis, cultural literacy, and global awareness. In addition to acquiring a deeper understanding of and appreciation for language, literature, and writing, the skills and knowledge students gain also fully prepare them for graduate and professional schools, teaching language arts at the middle grades and secondary levels, and careers that demand highly developed abilities in critical thinking, research, and writing.

Graduation Requirements

Some courses taken for the major will simultaneously fulfill general education requirements.  Please see the Graduation Requirements (bachelor’s degrees) section of the catalog for information on the general education program.

Education Program Entrance Criteria

As part of the admission criteria for the education program, candidates must have completed the following required courses with a grade of C or higher:

  • Public Speaking (COMM 2103) or equivalent transfer course for Demonstration of Communication competency;
  • Writing Studies I (ENGL 1013), unless waiver requirements are met, Writing Studies II (ENGL 1023), or equivalent transfer course for Demonstration of Communication competency; and
  • General education mathematics course as determined by the candidate’s general education program.

English Program Entrance Criteria

Each student must have completed ENGL 1013, ENGL 1023, and ENGL 2103 with a minimum grade of C.*

*An ACT English sub-score of 25 or higher waives the ENGL 1013 requirement, allowing students an additional three hours of elective credit.

Program Requirements: 93-96  hours

Along with the general education requirements, students seeking secondary certification with their English major must complete the program’s prerequisites, professional education requirements, and academic major requirements as indicated.  

A.         Prerequisites: 9-12 hours

  • Writing Studies I (ENGL 1013) is a prerequisite for ENGL 2103 and ENGL 2203 unless waiver requirements are met – 3 hours
  • Writing Studies II (ENGL 1023) is a prerequisite for ENGL 2703, ENGL 3733, and ENGL 4503 – 3 hours
  • Literary Interpretation (ENGL 2103)  or  World Literature (ENGL 2203) is a prerequisite for the 3000-level literature courses – 3 hours*
  • Principles of Psychology (PSYC 1003) is a prerequisite for EDUC 3123 and EDUC 3143 – 3 hours

        *English majors are required to take ENGL 2103.

B.        Professional Preparation -- Education: 42 hours

  • The Teaching Profession (EDUC 2123) – 3 hours
  • Introduction to Educational Technology (EDUC 2713) – 3 hours
  • Principles of Lifelong Learning (EDUC 3123) – 3 hours
  • The Exceptional Learner (EDUC 3143) – 3 hours
  • Fundamentals of Secondary Education (EDUC 3403) – 3 hours
  • Curriculum & Methodology in Secondary Schools (EDUC 4433) – 3 hours
  • Reading & Writing in the Content Areas 5-9, 8-12 & P-12 (EDUC 3523) – 3 hours
  • Measurement & Assessment in Education (EDUC 4103) – 3 hours
  • Classroom Management 5-9 & 8-12 (EDUC 4463) – 3 hours
  • Supervised Student Teaching (EDUC 4600) – 12 hours
  • Practicum (EDUC 4603) – 3 hours

Note:        Student teaching candidates must pay a $155 student teaching fee.

C.         Academic Major -- English: 42 hours

1 -- Core Requirements: 30 hours

  • Ethnic Literature (ENGL 3063) – 3 hours
  • American Literature I (ENGL 3113) – 3 hours
  • American Literature II (ENGL 3123) – 3 hours
  • British Literature I (ENGL 3213) – 3 hours
  • British Literature II (ENGL 3223) – 3 hours
  • Women Writers (ENGL 3163), Shakespeare (ENGL 3603)  or  Major Authors Seminar (ENGL 3053) – 3 hours
  • Modern Critical Theory (ENGL 3363) – 3 hours
  • Writing & Culture (ENGL 3733) – 3 hours
  • Advanced Writing (ENGL 4503) – 3 hours
  • English Majors Seminar (ENGL 4903) – 3 hours

2 -- Secondary Education Track: 12 hours

  • Introduction to Modern English Grammar (ENGL 2703) – 3 hours
  • Choose three courses from the following:*
  • Major Authors Seminar (ENGL 3053) – 3 hours
  • Creative Writing (ENGL 3103) – 3 hours
  • Women Writers (ENGL 3163) – 3 hours
  • Literary Cultures (ENGL 3373) – 3 hours
  • Studies in Genre (ENGL 3413) – 3 hours
  • Transnational Literature (ENGL 3553) – 3 hours
  • Critical Issues in Literature & Writing (ENGL 3563) – 3 hours
  • Shakespeare (ENGL 3603) – 3 hours
  • Topics in Writing & Rhetoric (ENGL 4703) – 3 hours

*Choose courses from among those not taken for the Core Requirements.

Exit Assessment -- Education

Graduation requirements for candidates are as follows:

  1. Minimum 2.75 Cumulative GPA;  
  2. Minimum 2.75 Content/Emphasis Area GPA;
  3. Minimum 2.75 Professional Education GPA;
  4. Passing of the appropriate Praxis Principles of Teaching and Learning (PTL) exam and the appropriate content exam(s) as required by state regulation;
  5. Successful completion of all program requirements and assessments;
  6. Successful completion of Supervised Student Teaching (EDUC 4600), including all course requirements with positive evaluations; and
  7. Successful completion of Stage III Exit Portfolio.

Exit Assessment -- English

Students applying for graduation with a bachelor’s degree in English must have a minimum GPA in their major courses of 2.50.  In the fall semester of their senior year, students are required to take English Majors Seminar (ENGL 4903).