Blue Raider Sports Medicine

The mission of the Blue Raider Sports Medicine office is to serve as a health advocate for students, faculty and staff, with a goal to promote health education and preventive health practices, and to implement a comprehensive program of health services that benefits the well-being of all. We will also oversee the college's insurance plan and provide guidance for students, faculty and parents regarding the use of the student insurance plan.

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Our office is currently located behind Phillips Residence hall. The center will maintain consistent hours of operation in order to provide students with greater accessibility to the campus medical staff. Our staff will provide CPR and First Aid Training for residence life and public safety staff and will continue to provide credentialing for the campus nurse to ensure optimum care of our students.

The goal of our office is to promote the control of communicable diseases on campus and encourage good health habits among students by providing them with information for better decision making. An annual program review will be performed by the VP of Student Services to assess risk factors on campus and will provide information and the tools to help avoid risky behavior and to promote safe and healthy habits. All policies and procedures will be implemented and followed to insure compliance with current medical standards and practices.

Campus Nurse

Kay Gaines

Kay Gaines

The Campus Nurse is located in the Blue Raider Sports Medicine office, which is in the basement of Phillips Hall. The office is open to all students for the purpose of consultation, administering prescribed medication (e.g., allergy shots), checking blood pressure, and providing overall health information and general minor treatments and referrals. Office hours are posted on the door and on the Residence Hall bulletin boards.

Kay graduated from Midway Nursing School and for the past ten years has been working in Louisville at Norton Audubon Hospital every weekend in their critical care heart units. She is ACLS certified. and is looking forward to being back at Lindsey Wilson College and the challenge of working with the students. She enjoys working in her yard with flowers and spending time with her family.

Contact Information

Kay Gaines, Registered Nurse
Phone: 270-384-8238

Nurse's Hours

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday
7:30 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.

Student Health Forms

Immunization Records - It is mandatory for each student who is enrolled at Lindsey Wilson College to obtain a copy of their immunization records and turn them into the Blue Raider Sports Medicine Office. You can get a copy of your immunization record at your local health department or at your family physician's office. A copy of the records can be mailed Blue Raider Sports Medicine, 210 Lindsey Wilson Street, Columbia, Ky 42728 or you can fax a copy to 270-384-8239.

Important Health Forms

Download the files above read and sign where appropriate, then send them to us using the link below.

Send signed documents

Health Insurance FAQ's

  1. If I get sick, can I just go to any doctor that I want?
    • Yes, as long as the provider you choose is in the network.

  2. What if I am not at school and I get sick or injured and need to see a doctor?
    • If you become sick or injured when you are away from school, just go to your family physician or nearest hospital if needed (remember the provider you choose needs to be in the network for the insurance company to pay the full benefits).

  3. If I go to the doctor, do I just give them this card, and will everything be paid for?
    • No, you will have a 20% co-pay, which will need to be paid at the time of your visit (until you receive your insurance card, you will have to pay up front and get reimbursed when you receive your card). After your co-pay, then the insurance company will pay the first $500.00 at a 100% if they approve the claim.

  4. Will the doctor's office accept this insurance plan through the school?
    • Yes, this is a comprehensive health plan. If the provider has a question about your eligibility for insurance coverage, just have them call the Blue Raider Sports Medicine and ask for Terri at 270-384-8238 or the Business Office at 270-384-8011 to answer any questions they may have.

  5. Does my insurance pay for prescriptions if I need to go to the pharmacy?
    • Yes, you will be charge a 20% co-pay for your prescriptions up front at the pharmacy (until you receive your insurance card, you will have to pay full price for prescriptions, then when you receive your card, you will be reimbursed up to your 20%). You will have a $500.00 limit which includes any treatment you have for each sickness or accident you may have including your prescription cost.

  6. A friend of mine has another student insurance plan at another college, but it only covers him if he is at school. Is this plan like that?
    • No, this is a comprehensive health plan- it covers you for one full year. It starts on August 1, 2017 and will cover you until August 1, 2018. This insurance only covers sickness only.

  7. If I forget to go and see the nurse or athletic trainer, will my plan still cover me?
    • Yes, you don't have to see the nurse for a referral to see a doctor with our coverage this year as in the past.

  8. Does this plan cover dental and eye care?
    • No, this sickness plan does not cover routine dentistry or eye care. There is one provision with the accident policy, that if your eyes or teeth are injured in an accident, it will pay up to a $300.00 maximum per accident. (Each full-time student is covered under the Lindsey Wilson College Accident Policy). * See Accident Brochure

  9. If I lose my insurance coverage through a personal plan or through a parent, can I pick up the school insurance plan?
    • Yes, but only if your coverage has been involuntarily terminated due to no fault of the insured student, which includes coverage that terminates due to a loss of employment by spouse or parent or if the student exceeds the age limit of a policy.

  10. If I have another insurance plan, but I want to get this plan, can I?
    • Yes, you can. In this case, the school insurance would become a "secondary" insurance coverage to your personal coverage that you have at the time of admissions. Your primary coverage will be billed first for services and then the school insurance would be filed second. Many people are considering this coverage, since this plan is relatively inexpensive, and you can easily go over $285.00 in co-pays and other costs if you have a serious illness.