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Lindsey Wilson College is a true global village. More than 100 international students from over 30 different countries attend Lindsey Wilson. Nearly 40 percent of LWC's student body identifies as an ethnicity other than Caucasion.

For this reason, Lindsey Wilson is an ideal place for international students to interact with cultures from all over the world. LWC also has a formal exchange program with schools in Japan, Northern Ireland, and South Korea. Every year several students come from these sister schools to study at LWC for either a semester or one year while pursuing their degrees at their home universities.

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International Students

International Students

For all international students admitted to LWC in "F-1 student status".

Use the ISA HUB for valuable resources available to you as well as how to apply for certain benefits (if eligible) while enrolled at LWC as well as post-graduation!

International Student Affairs Hub