Students With Disabilities

Lindsey Wilson College accepts students with disabilities and provides reasonable accommodation that will facilitate success. Depending on the nature of the disability, some students may need to take a lighter course load and may need more than four years to graduate. Students needing accommodation should apply to the College as early as possible, usually before May 15. Immediately after acceptance, students must identify and document the nature of their disabilities with Mr. Ben Martin, the Learning & Physical Disabilities Coordinator. It is the responsibility of the student to provide the Learning & Physical Disabilities Coordinator with appropriate materials documenting the learning disability. Learning disabilities are typically documented by a recent high school Individualized Education Program (IEP) and results from testing conducted by a psychologist, psychiatrist, or a qualified, licensed person. The College does not provide assessment services for students who may be learning disabled. Although Lindsey Wilson provides limited personal counseling for all students, the College does not have structured programs available for students with emotional or behavioral disabilities. For more information, contact Mr. Martin at 270-384-7479.

In addition, applicants to Lindsey Wilson College's School of Professional Counseling may wish to contact one of the following individuals, depending upon degree and program:

Bachelor's degree-seeking applicants to community campuses:
Ms. Myra Ford, Director of the Human Services & Counseling program, 270-384-8153

Master's degree-seeking applicants to community campuses:
Dr. Jeffrey Crane, Director of the Counseling & Human Development program, 270-384-8160

Doctoral degree-seeking candidates:
Dr. Jeffrey Parsons, Director of the Counselor Education & Supervision program, 270-384-8166.

Applicants to the Scottsville Campus may also wish to contact:
Ms. Dorinda Livesay, Enrollment Manager, at 270-237-9136.

Applicants to the Master of Business Administration program may also wish to contact:
Ms. Linda McKinley-Grider, Chair, School of Business, at 270-384-7385.

Applicants to the Master of Education Teacher as Leader program may also wish to contact:
Dr. LaTasha Jones at 270-384-8159.

Applicants to any of the online programs, whether graduate or undergraduate, may wish to contact:
Tommie Saragas, Director of Online Education, at 270-384-8510.