Academic Success Center

Academic Success Center

Located in the upper level of the Everett Building, the ASC provides educational resources at no charge to Lindsey Wilson College students. Included under the "umbrella" of services provided by the ASC are peer tutoring for all subjects including mathematics, test proctoring for students with documented accommodations, and writing consultations (Consultations offered through the Writing Center located in Slider Building, Room 200.) The overall goal of the ASC is to help students be successful in reaching their individual academic goals.

For more information about receiving tutoring or applying to be a tutor, contact Ms. Hall, Director of the Academic Success Center, at 270-384-8038 or


The goal of peer tutoring is to effectively help the students help themselves, to assist them in becoming independent learners, and to achieve their individual academic goals.

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Now located in the Academic Success Center, students will still find a place conducive to the learning and doing of the mathematical sciences outside of the regular classroom. Students can request a mathematics tutor in the Academic Success Center or submit a request online.

The Center is equipped with computers running the Hawkes Learning software applications used in mathematics courses. Students may use the computers any time the Center is open.

Hours of Operation

(All Times Central)

Monday - Friday
8 a.m.- 4:30 p.m.

Saturday, Sunday


As students formulate, write and revise projects for any course or other purpose, the Writing Center offers free, one-to-one feedback from trained, peer writing consultants. The Center understands that no two writers are alike. The dedicated staff works to bring out the best possible writer in each person regardless of age, cultural background, writing experience or academic discipline. The Writing Center is open for in-person consultations both scheduled and drop-in. Contact, if you have any questions or concerns.

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LWC Writing Center

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With the consent of an instructor and the Lindsey Wilson College ADA Coordinator tests may be proctored in the Academic Success Center for students who have documented accommodations and who require special testing situations. Contact the ADA Coordinator for more information at 270-384-7479 or

Reading Strategies:

Reading Strategies: scanning, skimming and intensive reading
Reading Strategies Chart


Active Reader or Passive Reader?

Active Reader

  • Adjusts how they read depending on the type of text and context within which they are reading.
  • Examines the purpose of the assignment before reading.
  • Alters their reading speed as they read based on the significance and difficulty of each passage.
  • Previews a text before reading by skimming headings, topic sentences, and key words.
  • Reads with questions in mind.
  • Stops to monitor their understanding of the text as they read.
  • Annotates while they read, and they read with a pencil or highlight in hand to mark important passages and jot down notes.
  • Makes time to reflect upon and evaluate what they have read.

Passive Reader

  • Reads each text the same way.
  • Reads without examining the purpose of the assignment.
  • Reads everything at the same speed.
  • Does not preview. They just jump right into reading.
  • Reads without questions in mind.
  • Does not stop to think about whether they are understanding what they are reading.
  • Does not annotate and do not have anything in hand. They just read!
  • Does not make time to reflect upon and evaluate what they have read.