International Student Programs

Each new international student is assigned to a host family from the Lindsey Wilson faculty and staff or from the local community. They play a big part in introducing international students to American life. Sharing local and family traditions with international students will help them understand what America is all about as well as providing the students with emotional and psychological support.

Earning your degree, especially in the U.S., is a big step. ISP is here to help each international student- starting at the pre admissions process. LWC is a place where our international students are both challenged educationally and supported throughout their college life experience. That makes Lindsey Wilson a great place to learn about American culture and also an ideal place to interact with other people from all over the world.

Visa and Travel information

All non-immigrant visitors are required to have a valid visa (*except Canadians) in their passport to be allowed entry into the U.S. visa requirements are subject to change, contact your local U.S. Consulate for visa application instructions. Locate a US Embassy near you:

An appointment for a visa interview at a U.S. embassy or consulate abroad may be required.

  • Visas cannot be issued inside the U.S.

F-1 Visas

Do the following to get an F-1 entry visa:
  1. Obtain I-20 (F-1) from Lindsey Wilson College (LWC), make sure everything is correct then sign and date it on the first page.
  2. Check the current wait times for visa appointments and issuance in your city.
  3. Pay the SEVIS (I-901) Fee if applicable.
  4. Make a visa appointment and go to an interview at a U.S. embassy or consulate.

Canadian Citizens

*Canadian citizens are not required to apply for a visa to enter the U.S. as an F-1 or J-1, but must still pay the SEVIS Fee present their I-20 or DS-2019 at the U.S. port of entry. However, if the visitor has "Landed Immigrant" status in Canada, a U.S. visa is required to enter the U.S.

Visa Appointments

Read the U.S. Department of State website for more information about the visa application process and Temporary Visitors to the U.S.
Here are 10 Points to Remember When Applying for a Student Visa.

Visa Wait Times

Since visa appointments are limited and visa processing times can be lengthy, make the appointment as early as possible. Consulates will generally accept appointments up to 120 days prior to the start of studies. There may be long waiting periods for appointments, especially May through August. However, consulates may give priority to F-1 student applicants, if requested.

Visa Interviews

When going to the visa interview, bring:
  • Passport (valid at least six months into the future)
  • Certificate of Eligibility I-20 (F-1)
  • Proof of admission (or proof enrollment for current students) or Lindsey Wilson College appointment letter
  • Evidence of financial support
  • Visa application forms and fees
  • SEVIS Fee Receipt
  • Students on OPT or STEM OPT must also bring an unexpired EAD card and a job offer letter or employment verification letter

Some consulates may require additional documentation, so check the consulate website for visa application instructions. Visa application forms and fees can be found on the consulate website.


The Student and Exchange Visitor Information System (SEVIS) is a U.S. government system that manages data and application processes for F-1 non-immigrants in the United States. If you are beginning a new program in the U.S., you are required to pay a one-time fee before you may obtain an F-1 visa and enter the United States. The SEVIS fee is in addition to any visa fees you may be required to pay at a U.S. consulate. F-2 dependent family members are not required to pay the fee. This fee is not a College fee and provides no funds or services to the College.

Fee Payment

  • Fee payment information can be found at U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement.
  • Payment and receipt of the fee must be made before a visa can be issued by a U.S. consulate and entry to the U.S.
  • Payment of the fee must be made at least 3 business days prior to making an application for an F-1 or J-1 visa at a U.S. consulate.
  • Citizens of Canada and certain islands exempt from visa requirements must pay the fee at least 3 business days prior to entering the U.S. at a U.S. port of entry.
  • The fee cannot be paid at a U.S. consulate or at a U.S. port of entry. (Note: Some consulates in China and India may be able to collect the SEVIS fee together with visa fees. Please contact the U.S. consulate for fee payment information.

Methods of Payment

  • Online payment can be made at U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement.
  • Payment can be made by Visa, MasterCard or American Express.
      Please note: Individuals who were born in, are legal permanent residents of, or citizens from the following 5 African countries cannot use this payment option: Cameroon, Gambia, Ghana, Kenya, and Nigeria.
  • Complete the online form (I-901) as instructed.
  • Enter your name exactly as it appears on your I-20.
  • Enter the SEVIS ID number on your I-20 (found in the upper left corner above your surname).
  • Print the online receipt after completing the payment form.
By Mail:

Read the payment instructions and download Form I-901 (pdf). Be sure to allow adequate mailing time to send the fee payment and to receive the payment receipt.

Western Union:
Read the payment instructions for Western Union payment at U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement. Select the instructions according to whether you are making payment inside or outside the U.S. and whether you are an F or J student at the bottom of the page.

Your Payment Receipt

  • After paying the fee, you can print your payment confirmation. If paying online, be sure to print the receipt at the end of your transaction.
  • Make and keep extra copies of your SEVIS fee payment receipt. You should keep your receipt for your entire period in the U.S.
  • Present a copy of the receipt with your visa application at the U.S. consulate and at the U.S. port of entry. Carry the receipt with you during any future travel into the U.S.
  • F-2 and J-2 dependent family members should present a copy of the receipt when applying for F-2 or J-2 visas and when traveling into the U.S.

Every Student, Every Day

English as a Second Language (ESL) - Intermediate Level

Lindsey Wilson College does not have a separate English as a Second Language (ESL) institute and does NOT offer a beginning level of intensive ESL Classes. You must have English skills of intermediate level, e.g. a minimum TOEFL score of paper 450 (iBT 45). Because our ESL courses are part of our regular college courses, these courses are given college credits marked as "Credit" or "Non-Credit" rather than letter grades (A, B, C, and F). Admission to Lindsey Wilson College means that you will be taking regular classes along with credit bearing ESL and developmental courses.

Normally students whose TOEFL scores raging from 450-500 (iBT 45-61) will take our ESL Classes (English 0803 and English 0804) in the fall and 0854 in the spring. Because you must keep at least 12 credit hours to be a full-time F-1 student, you must take additional regular classes with American students. Students whose English abilities are weak or any students who need additional academic help will be able to request our free tutoring for any classes from our Academic Success Center. If your TOEFL score is high (paper 530/iBT 71), you may not need to take our ESL classes nor some of the Developmental courses. However, if you want to take these classes for your first semester to improve your English abilities, it will be up to you.

Below courses are our ESL and Developmental courses

(I) ENGL 0803 (ESL: Listening and Speaking 3 credit hours--Fall semester)
    ENGL 0804 (ESL: Reading and Writing 4 credit hours--Fall semester)
    ENGL 0854 (ESL: College-level Skills 4 credit hours---Spring semester)
(II) Developmental Courses (all courses are 3 unit courses and letter grades are given except in ENGL 0903)
    ENGL 0903 Introduction to Writing Studies (CR or NC)
    READ 0903 Reading Fundamentals
    READ 0913 College Reading 1
    READ 0923 College Reading 2 (possibly TOEFL 530-550/iBT 71-80 level)

Activities and Events

Throughout the year, International Student Programs reaches out to the Public School System by celebrating an International Day where students go out and spend an entire day teaching kids about different food and traditions.

Every year, the week before Thanksgiving, we celebrate the International Education Week with different events, we celebrate the "Coming of Age" ceremony (also known as Seijin no Hi).

Chuseok celebration (new this year) = Korean Thanksgiving Day, this is one of the biggest and most important holidays in Korea. Family members from near and far come together to share food and stories and to give thanks to their ancestors. Join us for lunch as a few traditional dishes will be served and our students will explain the meaning and customs of Chuseok!

In April we have the International Day where we taste delicious food and yet again, use this time to teach and learn what we can about the countries our students come from. We enjoy gathering and games with host parents; have potlucks and BBQ's, take trips to the mall and much more. We want to provide our students with opportunities to take trips that educate them about their surrounding environment and culture.

Study Away From Campus

Semester in Frankfort

Through an arrangement with the Association of Independent Kentucky Colleges and Universities (AIKCU), a student may apply to spend the spring semester studying and interning in Frankfort, the state capitol of Kentucky. Students take two courses that deal with Kentucky government, legislative process, and the media, and intern 30 hours a week in either the legislative or executive branch. Students are placed in an office that complements their academic strengths and professional ambitions. The program is excellent preparation for students interested in careers in law, the media, or public service. Up to 15 Lindsey Wilson College credit hours may be earned through the program. For additional information, contact the Academic Affairs Office.

United Methodist College Washington Consortium - The Capitol Hill Internship

Lindsey Wilson College is a member of the United Methodist College Washington Consortium. The Consortium offers students the experience of living, interning, and studying in the heart of Washington, D.C. Students participating in the Capitol Hill Internship Program (CHIP) offered by the Consortium live in attractive apartments on Capitol Hill, intern in both government and non-governmental offices as part of select programs available only in Washington, D.C., and learn in challenging seminars and courses that are tailored to enrich their internship experience. Up to 15 Lindsey Wilson credit hours may be earned through the program. Applications for the program are available in the Academic Affairs Office. Information is also available at

Student Exchange Programs and Sister Schools Overseas

Lindsey Wilson College has sister school relationships (both two-way tuition exchange and one-way study abroad programs) with five universities in Japan and two universities in South Korea. Every year, students from these universities attend Lindsey Wilson College for either a semester or a year as part of their degree program at their home university. In turn, Lindsey Wilson College students can also study for a semester or year at sister schools with which the College has a two-way tuition exchange program. For these programs, Lindsey Wilson College students need to register first at Lindsey Wilson College as "Study Abroad" and pay their tuition fees at the College. They need pay no additional tuition with our sister school and are responsible only for room and board and textbooks. A GPA of 3.0 is recommended for these students. Typically, students will take a combination of foreign language courses and content courses taught in English during their semesters overseas. For further information about our sister school relationships, please see the Academic Affairs Office or Ms. Sabine Eastham, the Director of International Student Programs.

Sister Schools in Japan
  • Kansai Gaidai University, in Osaka (Two-way tuition exchange program)
  • Nagoya University of Foreign Studies in Nagoya (Two-way tuition exchange program)
  • Toyo University in Tokyo (Two-way tuition exchange program)
  • Baika Women's University (One-way study abroad at Lindsey Wilson College)
  • Kinjo Gakuin University (One-way study abroad at Lindsey Wilson College)
Sister Schools in South Korea
  • Kyonggi University in Suwon-si (Two-way tuition exchange program)
  • University of Incheon in Incheon (Two-way tuition exchange program)

Northern Ireland (Irish American Scholarship)

Formerly known as Business Education Initiative (BEI), Study USA is a two-way tuition exchange program offered through the British Council in Northern Ireland.

Our past BEI students were students from Queen's University of Belfast, University of Ulster, and other Irish universities. Reciprocally, these universities offer a limited number of places on the Irish American Scholarship programs each year. A Lindsey Wilson College student with junior standing and a GPA of 3.2or above is eligible to apply for one or two semesters of study abroad in Northern Ireland. The student may choose courses in any subject area available for which tuition fees will be waived; living costs and other expenses are the responsibility of the student.

Travel Opportunities for Academic Groups

In addition, Lindsey Wilson College performing groups, classes, and organizations periodically plan for and engage in travel to metropolitan areas in the United States and the world. Study, service, and performances have been the goals of recent trips by a number of student groups. The Lindsey Wilson College Singers have performed on trips to France, Italy, England, Canada, and several regions of our country. Each year, various classes from humanities, fine arts, science, business, and social science engage students in the study of their disciplines by traveling within and beyond our region. Students also have learned more about the United States by doing service work locally and in a variety of distant locations such as California, Florida, and Washington DC.

Additional Study Abroad Opportunities

The College participates in other programs which provide international travel and academic opportunities to a variety of destinations. For additional information, contact the Academic Affairs Office.

Hours of Operations

(All Times Central)

Monday - Friday
7:30 a.m. -4:30 p.m.
7 a.m. - 4 p.m. (Summer)

Saturday, Sunday

If you have any questions or want to know more, please feel free to contact us.

Sabine M. Eastham

Director of International Student Affairs

Sabine M. Eastham

206 Lindsey Wilson Street - ISA House
Phone: 270-384-8236