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Master of Science
Technology Management

Master of Science in Technology Management (MSTM)

The Lindsey Wilson College MSTM program is a 35-credit hour course of study that is offered through a combination of hybrid and fully online courses. The program is designed to integrate academic concepts and work experience through educational coursework and case studies. Students also are required to enroll in an internship that connects course content to the employment settings.

MSTM is classified as a STEM program.

LWC's technology management degree provides a broad business and leadership foundation from business strategy to emerging technologies, focusing on technology innovation, commercialization and integration as well as the methods and approaches of systems thinking.


About Lindsey Wilson College

Lindsey Wilson College was founded in 1903 as Lindsey Wilson Training School by the Louisville Conference of the Methodist Episcopal Church, South. While historically the College's focus has been to serve the citizens of South Central Kentucky, Lindsey Wilson serves a diverse group of students. The 2020-2021 enrollment included more than 2,700 undergraduate and graduate students and more than 1,100 residential students with the student body representing 106 of Kentucky's 120 counties, 34 U.S. states and territories, and 35 foreign countries.

The MSTM degree is an advanced degree for today's digital world.

The demand for better technological systems increases as rapidly as the development of new technologies. The MSTM program at Lindsey Wilson College prepares graduates to keep up with the evolution of technology and lead the implementation of more competitive systems in business.

Course Delivery

Classes will be offered in a hybrid format, through a combination of courses that meet face-to-face one weekend per semester and fully online courses. Learn more.

What can you do with a master's degree in technology management?

Technology managers are trained in information technology management philosophy, system development, and business strategy. A technology manager helps businesses utilize available technology and develop technological strategies that suit the needs of the business. Additionally, a technology manager oversees the work of technical professionals to ensure a reliable, productive work environment for clients and employers.