Center for Excellence in Research

The director of the Center for Excellence in Research at Lindsey Wilson College is Dr. Daya Singh Sandhu. This website will serve as an intellectual hub for all the faculty members, students, and administrators at Lindsey Wilson College, alumni, and members from the local community.

The LWC Center for Excellence in Research provides an important opportunity for invited scholars to discuss, debate, and examine crucial educational issues that are relevant to all educational programs in general but the doctoral program in particular. This Center for Excellence in Research (CER) will also provide much needed information to train interested faculty and students in how to conduct research and use statistical programs, including developed technological packages which have great relevance to current educational research and scholarship.

Continuing education activities and faculty development workshops will be conducted on a continuing basis through this research center. Faculty and doctoral students will participate in research discussions on the last Friday of each month and share results of their research studies with their colleagues and peers on this website under a column called, Monthly Research Highlights.

To educate the citizens of the community, several subjects of relevance to them will be discussed by the panelists on the radio or television. The Center for Excellence in Research will serve as the clearinghouse for needed information on several topics such as domestic violence, substance abuse, poverty, career choices, stress, mental depression etc.

Presently, several continuing efforts are being made through individual and group meetings and through faculty retreats to encourage research, scholarship and creative activities at Lindsey Wilson College.

The Center for Excellence in Research is intended to provide essential support, guidance, and encouragement to promote and enhance research and creative activities of both the students and the faculty of Lindsey Wilson College.

My slogan is very simple: Research matters at Lindsey Wilson College. Strong teaching is not possible without strong research! Let's promote research!

Daya Singh Sandhu- Director of Research at LWC

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