Minor - Program Requirements

Derek Kotter, M.A., Program Coordinator

Center for Global Citizenship, Room 103

(270) 384-7463   

Mission Statement

The mission of the Spanish program is to provide students with the opportunity to learn the Spanish language and appreciate the culture of Spanish-speaking peoples around the world.

Graduation Requirements

Some courses taken for the minor may simultaneously fulfill general education requirements. Please see the Graduation Requirements (bachelor’s degrees) section of this catalog for information on the general education program.

Students should note that the minor contributes 12-15 hours toward the required 39 hours of 3000-4000 level coursework.

Entrance Requirement

Placement test.

Program Requirements: 24 hours

Along with the general education program and a major, students must complete the minor’s prerequisites and core requirement and must select program electives as indicated.

A.        Prerequisites: 6 hours

  • Elementary Spanish I (SPAN 1013) – 3 hours
  • Elementary Spanish II (SPAN 1023) – 3 hours

B.        Core Requirement: 3 hours

  • Intermediate Spanish I (SPAN 2033) – 3 hours

C.    Program Electives (select from the following): 15 hours

  • Intermediate Spanish II (SPAN 2043) – 3 hours
  • Spanish Conversation (SPAN 3013) – 3 hours
  • Latin American Culture & Civilization (SPAN 3033) – 3 hours
  • Spanish Translation (SPAN 3053) – 3 hours
  • Advanced Grammar & Composition (SPAN 3073) – 3 hours
  • Introduction to Hispanic Literature (SPAN 3103) – 3 hours
  • Special Topics in Spanish (SPAN 3803) – 3 hours
  • Study Abroad (3000-4000 level) – credit hours may vary

Exit Assessment

  • Oral Exit Interview: Students will be required to interview with the Spanish professor(s) to demonstrate oral proficiency and critical thinking in the Spanish language.
  • Composition Portfolio: Students will compile a portfolio of five (5) written compositions that best reflect their writing style, knowledge of the Spanish language, and critical thinking abilities. These compositions may be taken from any of the required program core and elective courses.