International Festival Brings the World to LWC, Columbia


 Airada Daamdee Bricker (left) of Elizabethtown, Ky. and Victor Fernandez of Paraguay, perform a Latin American dance for students, faculty, staff and community members at the International Festival on April 12 in the Doris & Bob Health and Wellness Center at Lindsey Wilson College, 399 Williams St. Columbia, Ky. 

 Columbia, Ky. -- Authentic cuisine, dance and culture from around the world were on display yesterday when the Lindsey Wilson College International Student Program (ISP) held their annual International Festival in the Doris & Bob Holloway Health and Wellness Center. 

Students in the International Student Program set up booths to serve food from their home countries and several special presentations were held throughout the day to entertain the more than 340 students, faculty, staff and community members in attendance.

Sabine Eastham, Director of the International Student Program, said there are several reasons why days like this are important at Lindsey Wilson College.

"The festival gives our students an opportunity to blend with the local community in a unique way by sharing part of their culture and cuisine," said Eastham. "This day is important also for the LWC student body, staff, faculty and community as they get to experience part of the diversity our students bring to our home town. They do all the planning and a lot of thought goes into everything. They are happy and proud of sharing their culture one student at at time."

Victor Fernandez, a student from Paraguay performed a dance from his home country during a special presentation at the event. Fernandez said that the experience was enjoyable for different reasons.

"We were so nervous at first," said Fernandez. "But in my view I really ended up enjoying it because I love this kind of song. I liked being able to share it with the other students because there's something about the rhythm of it that everyone can relate to."

Airada Daamdee Bricker, an LWC student from Elizabethtown, Ky., performed with Fernandez.

"This was my first time dancing to a latin song and I was nervous because I'm not from Latin American culture," said Bricker. "But it was fun and I think that students from other places got a lot out of today. Days like this are a great way to exchange cultural values and different ideas in general."


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