A.P. White Campus Library

Meet the Katie Murrell Library

The Katie Murrell Library, housed in the Holloway Building on the A.P. White Campus in Columbia, is a 24,000 square foot facility that serves the educational and other needs of the college community. Extensive library resources are available to all students via the Katie Murrell Library web page. The library provides access to a multimedia collection of nearly 700,000 cataloged titles. This includes 67,000 physical books and AV titles, nearly 550,000 ebooks, and numerous other online resources with literary, scientific, business, statistical, and reference information as well as streaming music and video titles. The library subscribes to 123 individual electronic databases. A juvenile and curriculum collection supports students in the teacher education programs, and a popular materials collection provides access to recreational reading.

The library has 50 public access terminals, including eight Macs, where students can do research, write papers, complete assignments, and use the Internet. Copy Machines with the ability to scan and fax are available. Each student at the A.P. White Campus in Columbia receives a printing allowance each semester that can be used in the library.

Library facilities include individual study carrels, group tables, a computer lab, the juvenile/curriculum room, a conference room, and group study rooms. Sofas and other casual seating are located near the circulation desk and in the Thomas D. Clark Reading Room. A wireless network allows Internet access through laptops, tablets, or other mobile devices. Library staff members work to make the library a center of the A.P. White Campus in Columbia and to provide support and instruction to students on the use of the library, its collections, and technology.

The Katie Murrell Library offers:

    Periodicals, Magazines, and Full-Text Databases Students may access books, periodicals, magazines and full-text databases through the discovery bar located on the library webpage. If they cannot find a particular book within the library they have access to Inter-Library Loan with books available with participating libraries in Kentucky and throughout the United States.Students also have access to more than 59,000 magazines, newspapers, and journals in online and print formats. The library incorporates numerous full-text databases into its collection, both specialized and general, through the Kentucky Virtual Library and the Appalachian College Association. Students and faculty members have remote and 24-hour access to significant academic and learning resources. In addition to the aforementioned resources, there are library research guides, created by the library staff in various areas of study. All of this information along with information about the library services and blackboard is accessible on the Katie Murrell Library website.

    Network, Consortia Affiliations, and Interlibrary Loan Services The library is a member of the Kentucky Library Network and participates in regional networks of libraries under the Kentucky Virtual Library, Online Computer Library Center (OCLC), the Appalachian College Association (ACA), the Association of Independent Kentucky Colleges & Universities (AIKCU), and the Federation of Kentucky Academic Libraries (FoKAL). Under these partnerships, patrons may borrow books and articles from libraries within Kentucky, in the larger region, and around the country. Using an online interlibrary loan system, students may search for and request items from libraries around the nation. A statewide courier system delivers books and articles from libraries within Kentucky twice a week.

    Government Documents The Katie Murrell Library is a member of the Federal Depository Library Program (FDLP). It receives selected government documents in print and electronic formats. Using the online catalog, students may access over 57,000 documents and government websites. These include periodicals, statistics, census data, legislative information, consumer literature, agency directories, government spending data, and research summaries from all branches of the federal government. A guide to these materials can be found on the library’s web page.

    Library Orientation and Instruction Entering students on the A.P. White Campus in Columbia are oriented to the library and to other academic support services as part of their First-Year Experience Seminar course. The library offers general and specialized instruction to all levels of students through individual assistance, instruction, class visits, and online tutorials. Instructional videos are also available through the library web page and from the online course management system. During their time at Lindsey Wilson College, students work with a professional, student-centered staff to develop their research, knowledge, and information literacy skills.

    Community Campus Services The library provides library services to its faculty and students at all of its community campuses. These include substantial online collections, information packets, online training videos, delivery of books and articles, embedded email assistance, and phone access through a toll-free phone number. Library staff provides video conferencing for library instruction and individual consultations and creates tutorials customized for distance and online students.

    Area Resident Services The library provides measured access to library collections, including the juvenile/curriculum collection, books, and services for area residents. Visitors may use library computers, printers, and the copy machine. They may also access the campus wireless network. To check items out, area residents must verify their address and also complete and sign an Area Resident Application form.