Energy Literacy

What is Energy Literacy?

It is the understanding of the role and nature of Energy in not only the universe but also in our daily lives. It is also the ability to use and apply this understanding to answer questions and solve problems.

Why does Energy Literacy Matter?

With a better understanding of Energy we can:

  • Promote economic development
  • Make more informed decisions
  • Reduce environmental risks
  • Reduce negative impacts
  • Help individuals and organizations save money
  • Take the lead is sustainable energy use
  • Understand Global Energy issues
  • Understand National Energy issues
  • Make informed decisions on topics ranging from smart energy use at home and consumer choices to fossil fuel supply and climate change
  • Without a basic undrstanding of energy, energy sources, generation, use and conservation strategies we cannot understand national and international energy policies.

Energy Literacy is a part of Social and Natural Science Literacy

Energy issue cannot be solved by using only a natural science or engineering approach. Energy issues often require an understanding of civics, history, economics, sociology, psychology, politics, science, math and technology.

Energy literacy is an essential part of of being literate in all academic disciplines.

How do we know what we know about Energy?

Scientific Inquiry. We use scientific inquiry to evaluate the results of scientific investigations, experiments, observations, theoretical models and the explanations proposed by multiple scientists. These investigations may include the review of experimental procedures, looking at evidence, identifying reasoning and results. Whether scientists agree or disagree it is the open communication that is integral to the process. Getting outside the box is often required.