Community Service Day

Malvina Farkle Day

Susan Minton Sings

Malvina Farkle Day - which is named after mythical college student and employee who was dedicated to community service and good times - includes a morning of community service activities and a afternoon of fun games, give-aways, and the traditional water slide.

Students are never told when Malvina Farkle Day is until the morning of the event when they are awakened with sirens from Adair County's fire and police department not to mention RA's with bullhorns! Classes are cancelled for the day and the kick-off breakfast, along with Susan Minton's vocal stylings, starts the day of service. Minton-MFD

Students scatter across campus and Adair County to volunteer their services. Groups in the past have volunteered their time with: Green River Animal Shelter, Adair County Board of Education, Summit Manor Nursing Home, Lake Cumberland Area Headstart and many more organizations.

Reconvening on the Quad for lunch, students, faculty and staff enjoy a feast prepared by the Cranmer Dining Center. Students are given a chance to win a bike, $50 Walmart gift card, and other prizes. Finally the day completes with a slide down the water slide!

Delivering Food and Water Cleaning Fields LWC at Elem School