Getting Ready For Graduation

A student must complete an application for graduation with the Registrar's Office at the beginning of his or her final term. This application can be also be found under student forms on the Registrar's page and can be submitted electronically. Payment of a $60 graduation fee is required.

Academic degrees are conferred in May, August, and December. Formal commencement exercises are held at the end of the fall and spring semesters.

All requirements for a degree must be met prior to participation in the graduation ceremony. (Diplomas are either given to graduates during commencement or mailed to graduation exercise participants after final grades are submitted to the Registrar and final grades determined.)

Attendance at commencement and baccalaureate is required of all graduates. Exceptions to this policy must be sought through Academic Affairs and may be granted in exceptional circumstances.

Students who participate in commencement and baccalaureate are required to dress appropriately; jeans, T-shirts, and tennis shoes are not acceptable. Recommended graduation attire for men is dress slacks, dress shoes, and dress shirt; and for women dress or dress slacks and blouse.

Summer graduates may participate in the fall or spring commencement exercises following completion of all requirements for a degree.

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Graduation Honors

To be eligible for undergraduate graduation honors, a student must have earned at least 64 semester hours for a bachelor of arts degree at Lindsey Wilson.
In addition, all course work required for the degree in question must be completed. Special honors are awarded to master's degree students at the time of graduation in recognition of demonstrated scholarship.

Special honors are awarded at the time of graduation in recognition of demonstrated scholarship based on all academic work and on the following cumulative grade point averages:

    3.50-3.69 cum laude (with distinction)
    3.70-3.89 magna cum laude (with high distinction)
    3.90-4.00 summa cum laude (with highest distinction)
Students who have earned at least 32 semester hours for an associate of arts degree at Lindsey Wilson and have a 3.50 or above GPA are eligible for associate honors.
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