Why Choose Communication?

This is a great career choice for you if

  • You have an innate desire to understand and transform what you hear into a message you or someone else can benefit from
  • You have strong verbal and writing skills
  • You have a caring, helpful attitude; a desire to teach or inform; and a never-ending curiosity about what's going on around you

A major in Communication offers a wide range of career opportunities. Many college graduates fit neatly into communication_major_alumn.jpgan occupational niche. Education majors, for example, generally become teachers. Human Services majors go on to become counselors. However, for the Communication major the possibilities are diverse and virtually endless.

Some entry level examples could range from Personnel Recruiter, Labor Relations Specialist, Speech Writer, Advertising/Marketing Specialist and Campaign Director to advanced positions such as Vice-President of Human Resources, Director of Media Relations, Marketing Vice-President and Director/Dean of Administrative Offices of a university.

As a Communication major you have a great competitive advantage. You have more experience in relational and critical thinking skills than others. It will be up to you to find the niche that best fits your communication skills. Here at LWC we will provide you with the tools to help you find that niche.