Program and Graduation Requirements

Program Requirements

The Counselor Education & Supervision program is designed to develop leaders for the counseling profession. The CES program requires that students maintain relevant professional memberships and participate in professional activities as outlined below. Students are encouraged to anticipate costs related to these activities and to coordinate with program faculty where concerns arise.

Professional Memberships

  • American Counseling Association Membership
  • ACA State Branch Membership
  • Professional Liability Insurance

Professional Activities

Annual Student Review - Students are required to submit an Annual Student Review each year articulating their personal, professional, and academic growth and goals for the year. Details are provided in the Student Handbook.

Conference Attendance - Students are required to attend at least one professional conference each year.

New Student Orientation - Incoming students are required to participate in the New Student Orientation prior to the start of fall classes the first year. If there is a conflict with the orientation schedule, please contact the CES Program Director for assistance.

Professional Presentations - Students are required to participate in at least two poster and/or session presentations each year. Faculty will work with students to identify venues and topics and may co-present with students where appropriate.

Research Team - Each student will participate in a research team with program faculty his or her advising committee and other students in the CES program toward the goal of research and publication.

Graduation Requirements

The doctoral program has the same academic policies and standards as the undergraduate and M.Ed. programs except where specifically stated. All degree requirements must be completed within seven years of initial acceptance into the program. Students taking longer than seven years to complete the program must secure special permission from the CES Program Director.

Graduation from the Doctor of Philosophy in Counselor & Education Supervision degree program requires:

  • Completion of all required coursework with a cumulative quality point average of 3.00 or higher and no more than 1 C;
  • Completion of an Application for Graduation form with the Registrar's office following the specific guidelines set forth in this catalog;
  • Recommendation of the CES faculty; and
  • Completion of the following items as outlined in the CES Student Handbook:
    • Annual Student Reviews;
    • Written comprehensive exam;
    • Oral comprehensive exam;
    • Dissertation proposal and defense of the dissertation.