Why Choose Interdisciplinary Studies?

Students in the following circumstances may find an Interdisciplinary Studies program to be beneficial for their needs:

  • Traditional students. Proactive traditional students who have varied interests and want to build a major that meaningfully combines those areas of interest may find the Interdisciplinary Studies Program appealing. Through close communication with an academic adviser, students would select a path of study carefully tailored to meet their needs.
  • Undecided students. Students who are undecided about their career aspirations or academic degree program can choose a curricular path under the structure of an Interdisciplinary Studies degree program. As Federal guidelines require college students to declare a major as a precursor to receive financial aid, these individuals may want to choose the Interdisciplinary Studies degree as a cornerstone for their academic career. In most cases, undecided students who initially declare an Interdisciplinary Studies major will transfer into more traditional programs, but for those who remain undecided, progress can still be made within a meaningful educational structure.
  • Nontraditional students. Nontraditional students who have life experience and existing college credits and who wish to complete a degree program within a meaningful interdisciplinary structure. These students generally are balancing multiple responsibilities and existing jobs in their daily lives. Their life and professional experiences give them an appreciation for considering issues and solving problems through interdisciplinary means.
  • Students with unique circumstances or interests. Although most students are able to follow more traditional routes within an academic major, certain circumstances prevail in which they have lost or changed the focus of their educational goals. These are students may not wish to, or cannot, complete an existing academic program within the college. For these individuals, an Interdisciplinary Studies program provides a meaningful alternative to allow pursuit and completion of a college degree.
  • Transfer students. Transfer students who have earned a broad or unfocused range of credits at other institutions may find an interdisciplinary program of study beneficial. This program of study may allow students the most efficient and meaningful path to graduation within the constraints of their remaining financial aid eligibility.