Interdisciplinary Studies

Course Descriptions

AIS 4903 – Interdisciplinary Studies Seminar – 3 credit hours

A senior-year capstone integrative experience that involves a synthesis of what has been learned in the major. Students design and complete a project through the application of knowledge and critical perspectives synthesized from the interdisciplinary emphasis areas selected for their major. Offered as needed and in consultation with the student’s Interdisciplinary Studies program adviser. Prerequisites: Senior standing and declared Interdisciplinary Studies major. Course rotation: Spring and/or as needed.


AIS PN03 – Interdisciplinary Studies Internship – 3 credit hours

Students gain exposure and experience in a professional working environment appropriate to the areas of emphasis within their degree program. Internships are arranged by students with the assistance and approval of the program coordinator. This course may be repeated once for credit. Prerequisite: Junior or senior standing or instructor’s permission. Course rotation: As needed.