Why choose Music?

Student experiences in the spotlight:

"It's a fantastic experience to perform with the orchestra. It's classy and we are able to bring something really nice to the local community...." Barrett Gamez

"Singers' Tour impacted me on every level, especially in my understanding of people. Traveling with and having opportunities to get to know so many people proved to be one of the most unique experiences of my life. It was all about learning....about people, about places, about myself...." Laura Smith

"The opportunity to minister through music and the chance to bond with other amazing and caring individuals who love God and music was the most meaningful part of tour. We made a lasting impression on each other as well as the people who heard our performances...." Samantha Kolb

"We are all grateful to travel to such spectacular places and meet so many gracious and kind people, who are willing to show us great hospitality. I always come away with priceless memories that I will always cherish...." Ashley Greene

"The workshop was a lesson in superb control, presentation, and dynamics. The exercises we did on breathing, opening up and moving the sound forward were immediately effective...." Brandy Whitney