Nursing - Student Learning Outcomes

LWC Nursing graduates will be able to:

1.1: Utilize written, verbal, nonverbal and emerging technologies to communicate effectively

2.1: Demonstrate clinical reasoning, critical thinking, clinical judgment and caring to design and deliver safe, evidence-based, spiritually and culturally appropriate, patient-centered care

3.1: Integrate theories and concepts from undergraduate liberal education into baccalaureate generalist nursing practice

4.1: Understand the nature of human values and ethical responsibility

5.1: Demonstrate personal, organizational and systems leadership to improve safe patient care and advance professional nursing practice.

6.1: Engage in effective interprofessional collaboration to achieve optimal health care outcomes.

7.1: Utilize information management and technologies to deliver safe, effective patient care.

8.1: Evaluate professional standards, healthcare policy, finance and regulatory environments with regards to nursing practice, quality care and patient safety.

9.1: Implement clinical prevention and health promotion interventions to provide patient-centered care across the lifespan and across the health care continuum.

10.1: Embrace lifelong learning and professional development.