Recreation, Tourism & Sport Management - Special Opportunities

Undergraduate Research

While many think of the RTSM program as a "fun and games" major, much work goes into creating experience for people that improve an individual's mind, body and spirit and impact his or her quality of life. Undergraduate research is a significant opportunity for students to explore a topic or area of interest beyond what is covered in a particular course. Students would work closely with a faculty member to create an undergraduate research project, often spring boarding from a class project.

Service Learning

While a great deal of learning takes place in the classroom, the nature of RTSM learning creates significant opportunities for service learning experiences. The National Service Learning Clearinghouse describes service learning as "… a teaching and learning strategy that integrates meaningful community service with instruction and reflection to enrich the learning experience…". For the RTSM program, this means students will have an opportunity to do programs and have experiences we discuss and often create in the classroom environment. Students will get experience assisting with programs and ultimately will be creating and implementing programs. This is a great way for students to get some experience and decide what area of RTSM suits their interests.


As a culminating experience, students will have the opportunity to spend an extended time with an agency putting classroom theory into practice. The internship is a course students take for college credit and is required of all undergraduate students in the Lindsey Wilson College RTSM Program. It is a cooperative agreement between the College and an approved agency where a student receives professional administrative experience of a practical nature in his/her concentration under the supervision and guidance of a qualified professional. Internship is the student's off-campus practicum that will provide him/her with the opportunity to participate in and make application of learned theory to all phases of the agency's operation. Each student will complete a 400 hour internship over a minimum of 10 weeks, although many internships will extend beyond the 10 week minimum. During most internships, students will have opportunities for experiences in the following areas: program development, administrative procedures, supervision, leadership, facility operation, event management, public relations, risk management, and maintenance procedures. Internships may take place with a variety of agencies - - public, private, semi-private, and commercial -- where personnel qualified to supervise students are employed and where the program can provide varied and sequential experiences. Internship should simulate as closely as possible the experiences of the working professional and provide the intern with the opportunity to gain an understanding and an appreciation of the role, duties, and responsibilities of a recreation professional. This experience will be the highlight of your academic career.


Along with Undergraduate Research, students will have the opportunity to work with faculty members on honor's projects. Honors projects can be completed in any honors designated course and are primarly derivatives of class projects.

Academic Clubs

For RTSM students, there are several club opportunities to get involved in. The RTSM majors club provides opportunities for interact with other RTSM majors. Club activities range from movie night to weekend camping trips. RTSM Students also have the opportunity to get involved in the outing club. The Outing Club takes monthly trips to local outdoor recreation destinations.