Why Choose Recreation, Tourism & Sport Management?

Students who can solve problems, possess planning skills and are people-oriented typically excel in the field of Recreation, Tourism & Sport Management. Students with a degree in RTSM from Lindsey Wilson College would be qualified to work in a variety of settings including: municipal (city or county) park and recreation departments, Convention and Visitors Bureaus, Event Management Companies, YMCAs, Boys and Girls Clubs, Country Clubs, Residential and Day Camps, Corporate Recreation and Fitness Facilities, historic sites, golf courses, Church Recreation Programs, State Parks and the National Park Service.

The interdisciplinary nature of our program prepares students to use their natural abilities and talents in a variety of settings across the spectrum of recreation participation. Our foundation courses provide students with the historical and philosophical perspective of our profession and its roots as well as practical skills and tools necessary to become successful RTSM students leading to successful RTSM professionals.