Social Science - Special Opportunities

Guided Study at the Homeplace

Lindsey Wilson has a collaborative relationship with the Homeplace on Green River, a local nature conservancy project that emphasizes "hands-on" learning of history, as well as experiencing Kentucky farm life of the, past, present and future. Through guided study, Social Science students can explore all areas of our rich local history at the Homeplace while connecting the past with the present issues facing Kentucky agribusiness. Because the Homeplace is one of the oldest farms in Central Kentucky, the possibilities for historical exploration are endless.

Undergraduate Research

Independent Research
The Social Science program offers its students many opportunities to engage in research through both in-class assignments and independent projects. Students have the opportunity to present their research findings at regional meetings such as the Blue Ridge Undergraduate Research Conference, which will be hosted at LWC in March 2010.


Kentucky Legislative Internship Program
The Legislative Research Commission Internship Program provides an opportunity for self-motivated, outgoing, and qualified college students who are majoring in Social Science to gain an understanding of the legislative process by actively participating in it. Social Science students will spend four months working with Legislative Research Commission staff and members of the General Assembly. They will be trained and treated like actual employees of the LRC. Students are placed in areas that best utilize their personal interests and/or qualifications. These areas include the legislative committee staff, the director's office, constituent services, and the public information office. The interns will receive a $1,000 monthly allowance (subject to all applicable taxes) and be responsible for their own housing, meals, and other expenses while in Frankfort. In the past, the legislative intern program has not only aided in developing the talents of the interns, but has also helped give direction to their career goals. The interns make new friends and often develop professional contacts during the four-month program.