First-Year Experience

The mission of First-Year Experience (FYE) is to empower freshmen to become academically successful and socially responsible students at Lindsey Wilson College.

FYE promotes successful student transition from high school to Lindsey Wilson College. The faculty, the four First-Year Experience Advisors, and the Director of FYE establish a working relationship with students through intensive advising that guides them through course selection and registration as well as provides information, referrals, and coordination with campus services. In addition, FYE hosts social events throughout the academic year to encourage students to become actively involved in campus life. Lindsey Wilson College requires all first-time, full-time students to complete the First-Year Experience Seminar course. This seminar provides an in-depth exploration into behaviors and activities that promote success in college, including student skill-development, service learning, and healthy social living.

FYE program's objectives are:

  • Students will discover and gain insight into their personality, interests, and skills related to major and career exploration
  • Students will define how their personality, interests, and skills provide the foundation for their academic success and career readiness
  • Students will become confident in their knowledge of major and degree requirements to create an individualized path to graduation from Lindsey Wilson College

The FYE incorporates curricular and co-curricular elements. The two courses that are part of the FYE are First-Year Experience Seminar and Peer Mentor Leadership. FYE 1001, First-Year Experience Seminar, is part of the Essential Learning General Education curriculum, partially fulfilling ESLO 4, Application and Integration of Knowledge, at the core level.

It has the following Student Learning Outcomes (SLOs):

  • Students will have the opportunity to experience a supportive and positive learning experience
  • Students will make connections across courses and disciplines inside and outside the classroom