Lindsey Wilson College Nursing Department Receives $1000 Grant from The American Association of Colleges of Nursing

Lindsey Wilson College Nursing Department Receives $1000 Grant from The American Association of Colleges of Nursing

WASHINGTON, D.C. --  August 2, 2018 The Arnold P. Gold Foundation (APGF) and the American Association of Colleges of Nursing (AACN) announced that 50 schools of nursing across the nation were selected to receive funding to host White Coat Ceremonies for incoming nursing students this fall. Launched in 2013, this groundbreaking collaboration between APGF and AACN has enabled 310 schools of nursing in 49 states to offer ceremonies designed to inspire a commitment to providing compassionate care among the next generation of registered nurses.

"We are thrilled to continue this important partnership with AACN, and together welcome 50 more nursing schools into the White Coat Ceremony tradition," said Dr. Richard Levin, President and CEO of the Gold Foundation. "We hope the nurses of tomorrow will find additional inspiration and steadfast support for compassionate care in this ritual that they can lean on as they begin their clinical studies and as they care for patients in the many years to come."

Lindsey Wilson College was one of these 50 schools who received funding. The nursing program received $1000 from the APGF and the AACN. Director of Nursing Dr. Emiley Button says that she is incredibly thankful for the donation, and the donations of donors who had previously funded the ceremony.

The program of Nursing is honored to be one of 50 schools across the nation to receive a grant this year,” said Dr. Button. “This is the first year the program has applied for and received the AACN, Arnold P. Gold Foundation Grant. In previous years, the white coats for the LWC White Coat Ceremony have been funded by donors. We are grateful for our donors' generous donations in the past and for the AACN Gold Foundation White Coat Ceremony Grant this year.”

Though White Coat Ceremonies have been conducted by medical schools for more than 25 years, the APGF-AACN initiative marks the first time a coordinated effort has been developed to offer similar events at nursing schools. In nursing, a White Coat Ceremony typically consists of the recitation of an oath, an address by an eminent role model, and a reception for students and invited guests. Students also are given a specially designed pin that serves as a visual reminder of their oath and commitment to providing high-quality care. View a listing of schools selected to receive funding for their White Coat Ceremonies this year.

"This rite of passage reminds nurses of their responsibility to uphold the highest standard of care and to treat all patients with compassion and respect," said Dr. Ann Cary, Chair of the AACN Board of Directors. "We are incredibly honored to partner with the Gold Foundation on this interprofessional initiative that support nursing schools in their efforts to promote a culture of commitment, humanity, and responsibility."

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