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Computers & Printing

  • KML has 22 Windows and 8 Mac desktop computer stations available for use throughout the library.
  • Library computers are designated for research, learning, and classroom assignments. All uses must fall under the college's "Acceptable Use Policy" published in the LWC Student Handbook. (Click here to read the LWC Student Handbook)
  • If you engage in frivolous or excessive personal use of a library computer and another student needs one for research or class assignments, you may be asked to yield to that student.
  • When using headphones, keep the level down so only you can hear them.
  • When working at a library computer, please work quietly. Loud laughter, shouting, and even normal conversational levels may be disturbing to others who come to the library for a quiet study setting.
  • You can only print from the desktop computers in the library.
  • A limited number of laptops (with chargers and cases) are available for check-out to LWC students.
  • You cannot print from the laptops. You must log in to one of the library Windows desktop computers to print.
  • Laptops may be checked out for a period of two weeks. Overdue laptops will incur a $1.00 per day fine for every day overdue.
  • Regardless of when they were checked out, laptops must be returned no later than the LAST DAY of the SEMESTER. Any laptops not returned by that day will incur a fine of the cost of the laptop, charger, and case on their student bills.
  • Policy regarding laptop check-out over winter and summer breaks:
    • AVAILABLE to students enrolled in a course. Students MUST provide proof of enrollment.
    • UNAVAILABLE to students not enrolled in a course.
    • Regular semester check-out policies regarding check-out periods and fines apply here.

    The KML is equipped to allow patrons to wirelessly connect to the internet network. Simply log into the network from your device using your myLWC login credentials.

  • The Instructional Lab is open as a computer lab for individual students if it is not reserved for a class or a training session.
  • Group use of the Instructional Lab without faculty/staff supervision requires approval of library staff.
  • All reservations are listed on the white board next to the door. Please check before you enter.
  • The printer for the Instructional Lab is located at the circulation desk.
  • The Instructional Lab opens at 7 AM and closes at 5 PM Monday through Friday and is closed on Saturday and Sunday.

  • All desktop computers in the library print to the printer room.
  • You cannot print from the laptops. KML does not offer wireless printing.
  • You cannot add the printer to your personal computer or laptop
  • At the beginning of every semester, students have $20 in a designated Papercut printing account. Black and white prints cost $0.10 (10¢) per page and color prints are $0.20 (20¢) per page. If a student's Papercut account runs out, money can be added to the account by library staff.
  • KML only accepts cash, coin, or checks as payment for printing or adding funds to a patron's Papercut account.