Center for Entrepreneurship

The purpose of the Center for Entrepreneurship is to assist in the creation and growth of new for-profit and non-profit organizations; to enhance the education of Lindsey Wilson College students with real-world experience, and to foster partnerships among students, faculty, establish business leaders, and new entrepreneurs. The Center aims to improve the economic culture of the surrounding community and, in doing so, improve people's quality of life through greater prosperity.

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    Development of business plans
    Development of websites
    Information on financial management for start-up businesses
    Incubation of start-up businesses
    Networking for entrepreneurs
    Marketing plans
    Developing student internships
    Referral services
    Facilitation of business seminars/ training sessions
    Customized training programs/seminar


The Center has an impressive list of partners and organizations that work hand in hand to make our mission possible. Here are just some of the many indispensible resources the Center is privileged to partner with:
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Contact Information

Center for Entrepreneurship
Director of the Center for Entrepreneurship
Linda Grider
Phone: 270-384-7385