Business Administration - Special Opportunities

Lindsey Wilson College Center for Entrepreneurship

The Lindsey Wilson College Center for Entrepreneurship is an endeavor to empower students, faculty and staff, and community leaders to pursue entrepreneurial achievements. The center focuses on these ventures to improve people's lives, help bridge the gap between inventor and the business that is possible through these breakthroughs, and drive the local economy. The center supports entrepreneurial education, training, and application of business research and best practices to community needs. Its vision is to create a regionally recognized program for educating and training entrepreneurial leaders in the community.

Business Concept Competition

The Lindsey Wilson College Business Concept Competition provides Lindsey Wilson students an opportunity to present business concepts to fellow students, faculty and others, as well as vie for cash awards for the top business ideas. By presenting concepts and/or new products/services, students have the opportunity to do market research and gather important feedback in support of their entrepreneurial business ventures. Outside judges determine the winning concepts.

Idea State U

Idea State U is a Kentucky's statewide competition for business concepts. Peviously only open to public Kentucky Colleges and Universities, the 2015 competition will now host teams from Kentucky's Independent College and Universities. Lindsey Wilson College will have 3 student teams represented on Tuesday, March 24th in the first Regional Competition held in Owensboro Kentucky. For more information, and to check on the competitors progress throughout the competition, visit Idea State U's website at