Student Selection Criteria for Biology and Math STEM Programs

Student Selection Criteria

Scholars will be selected based on the following criteria that will allow candidates from diverse backgrounds to demonstrate strengths and motivation to pursue a biology or math degree regardless of the quality of prior academic preparation.

  1. Personal Essay (25 points). A 500-word essay on the student's goals, motivation, and interest in pursuing a career in biology or math. It should describe what they think they need to be successful in their chosen field and their career goals. They can also include relevant extracurricular activities or community service.
  2. Letters of Recommendation (25 points per letter). Two letters of recommendation - one from an instructor teaching in a science or math field and the other from any teacher, employer, or mentor.
  3. Personal Interview (25 points). Items #1-2 above will be used to narrow the field of candidates. A personal interview will be held with each of the individuals on the narrowed list. The four-member selection committee and other LWC biology or math faculty members will conduct interviews on campus. If any student is unable to travel to campus, a virtual interview will be conducted.