Unlimited Pathways to Biology & Mathematics in Southcentral Kentucky

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Each year, Cohorts of five first-year students will receive scholarships for four-years. In addition to the financial award, the UP Scholars will receive the following opportunities to enrich their education. These activities will build student ownership of learning, which strengthens students' ability to learn.

Curricular Activities

Summer Bridge Program
  • One week prior to the start of the Fall semester
  • Meet Science and Mathematics Faculty
  • Get prepared for the first semester
  • Get acquainted with the campus * UP Scholars receive a stipend

  • Enhanced UP Scholar FYE
  • UP Scholars will be in the same First Year Experience (FYE) class with other STEM students, taught by a UP member
  • STEM focused culture
  • Participation from Biology and Mathematics Faculty
  • Working with like-minded students to develop comradery
  • Cultivate study partners and peer support

  • Supplemental Instruction (SI) for Gateway Courses
  • Twice a week peer-led study, review, and workshop sessions
  • Learn "the ropes" from someone who just completed the class
  • Provided weekly by peer mentors
  • Course instructors coordinate with peer mentors

  • Faculty Mentors
  • Each UP Scholar is teamed with an individual faculty member
  • Weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly meetings
  • Help with engagement in the program, research experiences, career, and graduate school preparation
  • Become comfortable talking with faculty

  • Peer Mentors
  • Support from previous UP Scholars
  • Teaming student with student

  • Co-curricular Activities

    Cohort Experiences
  • Participate in activities as a cohort for the full four years
  • Academic support
  • Emotional support
  • Career exploration opportunities
  • Social events
  • Community building
  • Involvement from Faculty and Staff
  • Help integrating into the College setting

  • Unlimited Pathways in STEM Lecture Series
  • Lectures offered three time, or more, a year on a Biology and Mathematics careers
  • Educate UP Scholars on career choices and pathways
  • Faculty mentor facilitated discussions following each event
  • Interaction and networking with speakers

  • Field Trips
  • UP Scholars will be offered two field trips to career sites
  • Often in coordination with the lecture series
  • Expose UP Scholars to future careers
  • Help scholars career network

  • Research Opportunities
  • Paid research or laboratory assistant opportunities starting freshman year
  • Attend research presentations given by faculty

  • Internship Opportunities
  • Paid internship opportunities
  • Assistance with searches, resume building, and mock interviews for internships
  • Attend the Spotlight: Job and Internship Fair, sponsored by Association of Independent Kentucky Colleges and Universities

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