LWC Junior Emma Peterson Accepted into Prestigious Education First and Forum Scholarship Program

emma petersonColumbia, Ky. -- Lindsey Wilson College junior Emma Peterson is among an elite group. She has been chosen as one of 10 students in the world to participate in the 2021 Nobel Week Dialogue in Stockholm and Gothenburg, Sweden. Peterson’s selection was announced by the Education First and Forum Scholarship Program in partnership with the Nobel Prize Museum. 

Peterson first learned of the program while pursuing study abroad opportunities. 

“I'm lucky enough to be going on a faculty-led study abroad trip to Belgium and The Netherlands over spring break,” said Peterson, a political science and sustainability and environmental studies junior from Columbia, Kentucky. “Dr. Rachel Carr really advocated for this opportunity to travel, and I have always hoped for an opportunity like that, so I wanted to take advantage of it. The same program, EF College Study, was offering this scholarship program (for The Nobel Prize Dialogue), and I essentially just thought ‘why not’ and, with the help of Dr. Elizabeth Tapscott, Dr. Carr, and Natalie Vickous who generously offered to submit letters of recommendation, I applied.”

Students accepted into the program traditionally travel to Sweden for the Nobel Week Dialogue event. But due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, the event has been transitioned to a hybrid format with a global digital audience online, as well as a limited audience present in Gothenburg. Peterson will participate virtually in December 2021 and then travel to Sweden at the end of next year for the in-person event. 

Peterson is excited about the opportunities the Education First and Forum Scholarship Program will provide but is also looking forward to sharing what she has learned through her experiences with the Bonner Scholar Program at LWC with others taking part in the program. 

“I'm really excited for the opportunity to have a class from Dr. Darla Deardorff, who is a leader in the international communication field, as well as the opportunities to learn from and meet Nobel Laureates,” said Peterson. “One of the biggest things for me is the opportunity to not only learn, but also to find ways to share what I've learned with LWC and our surrounding communities. As a Bonner Scholar we really advocate for using our privilege, opportunities, and experiences to better the community around us, so I want to find ways that I can offer up my newfound knowledge and experience to anyone who's interested.”

LWC Assistant Professor of History Elizabeth Tapscott is confident Peterson will use this experience as a springboard to fulfill her interests and passions, especially in serving others. 

"Emma Peterson is an amazing student and truly wants to make the world a better place,” said Tapscott who submitted a letter of recommendation on Peterson’s behalf. “She is a force for good and positive change at a time when we so desperately need it, not just in our local community, but globally. This opportunity is going to set her even further on the road to achieving great and wonderful things.”

To cap off her experience, Peterson will also be awarded five European Credit Transfer System (ECTS) credits and issued an official college transcript from the University College Dublin that is acting as the school of record for this program. 

LWC Assistant Professor of English Rachel Carr, who also encouraged Peterson to apply, said she is a great fit for this program because of her ability to apply what she learns. 

“Emma has a unique ability to move between the theoretical and practical,” said Carr. “She identifies the changes she wants to see in the world and then gets to work making them happen. This program expects students to not only be academically stellar but also committed to serving their local community, which makes Emma the perfect fit.”

Director of Civic Engagement & Student Leadership Natalie Vickous thinks Peterson’s empathy and initiative are big contributors to her acceptance into such a competitive program. 

“Emma consistently and intentionally steps outside of her comfort zone in the pursuit of personal growth and global change,” said Vickous. “She has never, in all the time I've known her, been comfortable sitting back when there is injustice in the world, even if it's not clear from the start how she can make positive change happen. She is academically brilliant, emotionally aware, and justice-driven, and this program is the perfect opportunity for her to continue learning, growing and fighting for a better world.

To read more about the Education First and Forum Scholarship Program visit https://www.efcollegestudytours.com/nobel-week-dialogue.

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