Biology - Special Opportunities

Student League of Sciences

The purpose of the Lindsey Wilson Student League of Sciences is to advance the pre-professional science student by providing members with access to research materials; an index of Internet contacts; student tutorials; and updates on events and programs associated with regional schools of medicine, dentistry, pharmacy and other science-related graduate programs.

SLS members are committed to taking an active role in the overall health and vitality of our surrounding community. One project resulted in the establishment of a recycling program at Lindsey Wilson. This movement was deemed "Be Aware" in an effort to make students aware of the economic and ecological benefits of recycling. Another project brought a campus-wide forum to campus to discuss the implications of the U.S. war in Central Asia. Five scholars -- both from the region and Lindsey Wilson faculty - addressed a crowd from the Lindsey Wilson and local communities.

In addition to assisting pre-professional science students, SLS also offers experiences that expand students' horizons beyond south central Kentucky. You may travel to an interesting destination or participate in a student conference.