Unlimited Pathways
to Biology & Mathematics

Unlimited Pathways to Biology & Mathematics in Southcentral Kentucky

Lindsey Wilson has been awarded a NSF S_STEM grant designed to improve Biology and Math outcomes and graduation rates.

The Unlimited Pathways to Biology & Mathematics in Southcentral Kentucky (UP) project will recruit 15 unique, domestic, low-income students with academic ability, talent or potential, and demonstrated financial need, interested in pursuing degrees in biology and math.

Students will be provided with four-year scholarships with an average value of $7,650, reducing their unmet need. This amount of $7,650 that is awarded is dependent on the sole funding from this grant. For those who are accepted as UP scholars they will receive $7,650 every year for 4 years.

UP program contents include a one week summer bridge program, an enhanced First-Year Experience course, faculty mentors, peer mentors, cohort meetings, and supplemental instruction for gateway biology and math courses. Also included; The Unlimited Pathways in STEM Lecture series, field trips, internship opportunities, and research opportunities included in UP will introduce and prepare UP scholars for careers in high-demand professions with upward economic mobility.

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